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Professional Development and Apprenticeship Program (PDAP)

The Professional Development and Apprenticeship Program (PDAP) was developed to support the Computer Systems (CS) Community. It employs a government-wide competency-based approach to managing and developing CS 01s and CS 02s that will allow them to progress to the CS 03 level without the cumbersome staffing processes.

The program is aligned with the Clerk of the Privy Council's 2007 four priorities of Public Service Renewal: Planning, Recruitment, Development and Enabling Infrastructure

The objectives of PDAP are:

  1. To enhance the IT Community population, its retention and its competencies by creating a steady stream of CS employees with the required skills and experience.
  2. To enhance the consistency of skills within the IT Community.
  3. To address skill-shortage areas while supporting the career development and mobility of CS employees.
  4. To simplify the staffing processes and alleviate costs.

PDAP is based upon the Competency Profiles, the Statements of Merit Criteria (SoMC) and the Competency Dictionaries developed by the IT Community. Participants in the program develop technical and behavioral competencies through a mix of developmental assignments, coaching and formal training.

PDAP has a 5-step process:

  1. Entry
  2. Development
  3. Evaluation and Assessment
  4. Validation
  5. Promotion

The time expected for promotion from one level to the next could vary considerably based on the participant's skills, ability and commitment to the program. However, suggested time frames are as follows: from CS-01 to CS-02, up to 3 years; from CS-02 to CS-03 up to 3 years. Participants who receive promotions to CS-02 are not required to continue in the program to reach the CS-03 level if they do not wish to. They may re-enter the program at the CS-02 level at a later date.

PDAP is supported by departments and agencies that share the program costs.

PDAP Documents

Communiqués and Posters

Statements of Merit Criteria

Processes and Guides

  • CS01-02 Flowchart
  • CS02-03 Flowchart
  • Professional Development and Apprenticeship Program Process and Guidelines
  • Applying to the PDAP – Candidate Guide
  • Completing the Evaluation Form – Supervisor Guide
  • Building Your Learning Plan



  • Competency Levels Mapping to Streams and Roles
  • List of Courses Mapped to Competencies
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