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Professional Development and Apprenticeship Program - Development

On successful entry into PDAP, the participant and their supervisor will identify the competencies that need development to achieve the requirements of the SoMC for the next promotional level. The PDAP Self Assessment Form for this target level and stream and the Competency Levels Mapping to Streams and Roles document are to be used to aid in defining the competency gaps of the participant.

The participant and their supervisor will develop a learning plan that will: establish work goals and learning objectives for the competencies/skills that need to be developed for the participant to successfully demonstrate the target level of proficiency; indicate how the participant intends to achieve these goals (i.e. developmental assignments, formal training, coaching, etc); and identify how progress towards these goals will be measured. Please refer to the Building Your Learning Plan and List of Courses Mapped to Competencies documents.

The developmental assignments are not acting assignments (i.e. a CS-01 participant may take an assignment to develop the competencies required to become a CS-02, but they will not receive acting CS-02 pay during that assignment).

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