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Professional Development and Apprenticeship Program – Entry

Each department, or agency, that is participating in PDAP will develop and implement its own process, using the Professional Development and Apprenticeship Program Process and Guidelines document, the sample Communiqués and the Posters that have been developed.

CS-01 and CS-02 employees wishing to enter the program must demonstrate that they meet the behavioural and technical competencies identified in the applicable Statement of Merit Criteria (SoMC) for their substantive level and stream by completing the PDAP Self Assessment Form and including work samples that demonstrate how they meet the level of each competency in the SoMC. If the applicant is not able to provide actual work samples, then they must complete the PDAP Experiential Example Form. The applicant must then submit these documents to the appropriate departmental authority(ies) identified in their departmental process. For further details, please refer to Applying to the PDAP – Candidate Guide.

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