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Management Development Program

The Management Development Program is being phased out. This is in keeping with the Leadership Development Framework for the Public Service of Canada.

The Community and Collaboration Division is working with the CS community to develop and promote leadership tools and products that will reflect the skills that will be needed in the future.

Overview of the Management Development Program

The Management Development Program was created in 1999 and was revised in 2007 to address major GC business transformations. It was an accelerated 3-year competency-based development program that identified high-performing IM and IT professionals who demonstrate management potential and assists in their career development through formal education, learning activities and assignments, and provided them with the opportunity to qualify for a Director-level position in the GC.

The Program had two streams: the CS-05 stream open to employees at the CS-03 and CS-04 levels, and the EX-01 stream open to employees at the EX minus 1 and EX minus 2 levels. MDP Participants were chosen through a very rigorous selection process run at the organizational level, using assessment tools and the IM & IT key leadership competencies profile.

The MDP was supported by departments and agencies who shared the program costs through participant sponsorship.

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