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Professional Development and Apprenticeship Program - Validation

During each stage of the program (CS-01 to CS-02 and CS-02 to CS-03), the supervisor will conduct a minimum of 1 reference check with a reference identified by themselves (not by the participant). The reference check should be conducted after the second assignment if working towards the CS-02 level, and after the first assignment if working towards the CS-03 level.

When a participant has demonstrated that they meet the competencies for the next promotional level, the supervisor will proceed with a Structured Reference Check by contacting a minimum of 3 references identified by the participant (one supervisor, one client and one subordinate, plus any peers). Structured reference check guides and questions are available upon request. Please contact PDAP-PPPA@tbs-sct.gc.ca to receive copies.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to make a recommendation to the Departmental Review Committee for the promotion of a participant when sufficient evidence has been obtained to support competency proficiency. Please refer to the Supervisor PDAP Portfolio Checklist.

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