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The Voice - ORO Community News - Spring 2007: Volume 5

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Spring: a Time of Renewal

  • Spring brings with it a wonderful sense of growth and renewal. At the ORO, we're pleased to update you on products and initiatives that will enable employees and managers to grow professionally, expand their competency base, and renew ownership of their careers! There are many interesting and challenging opportunities within the Government of Canada (GC), and through the ORO's development of standardized products and tools, it will be easier for community members to access these opportunities and focus on a clear and rewarding career path.
  • NikolasFlorakas
    Director General, ORO

ORO News

Behavioural Competency Dictionary

The new integrated Behavioural Competency Dictionary is now available. The dictionary, developed in collaboration with the IM, IT and SD communities, is a practical and useful generic tool. We encourage all community members to view the document to gain a better understanding of competencies and how they link to future learning and development plans. To request a copy of the dictionary, go to /oro-bgc/comapp/comapp-eng.asp

Alignment with PS Renewal

On January 18, 2007, a Deputy Ministers’ Retreat was held to formalize priorities relating to PS Renewal. At the forum, it was agreed that initial priorities would include Planning, Recruitment, Development and Enabling Infrastructure. PS Renewal priorities are based on the fact that, “PS Renewal is about ensuring excellence in all the PS does in the future”

These priorities are closely aligned to the ORO’s community development model, and reaffirm our commitment to developing products and tools that enhance employees’ ability to manage and develop their own careers.

IT Community Development Office

Pilot Launch of IT Community Generics

The ORO is participating in two pilots and is working with a number of other departments to help them prepare for implementation. Health Canada, Information Management Services Directorate (IMSD), and Veterans Affairs Canada have partnered with the ORO to conduct a pilot project to implement IT Community Generics. The pilot has been scoped into two phases:

Phase I involves an Organizational Readiness Assessment (ORA) to determine the state of readiness and best approach to implementing IT Community Generics. Recommendations derived from the ORA will confirm a go / no-go decision and identify what the department needs to know before proceeding with Phase II implementation.

Phase II involves initiating, planning and implementing IT community generics (standardized organizational models, work streams, and pre-classified Generic Work Descriptions) and managing change throughout the process.

The experience and lessons learned throughout the pilot project will provide input on the further development of ORO implementation tools for use by other departments implementing IT generics.

IM Community Development Office

IM Professional Development and Certification Program (IMPDCP)

The IM Community is working with the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) through a committee to complete the Standard on Competencies of the GC IM Community. The Committee is comprised of members from various functions in IM representing small, medium and large departments and agencies, as well as IM lead agencies, collective bargaining and educational institutions. The competency portion of the Standard is currently in the Public Review Phase.   Next steps include the development of the Certification Manual, which will outline the process required for individuals to become certified as a GC IM professional.

IM Generics Project

The IM Community, through the IM Generic Work Description Committee, is developing draft Generic Work Descriptions (GWDs) for the Information and Records Management stream. The Committee comprises members from various IM functions representing small, medium and large departments and agencies, as well as representation from collective bargaining, CPSA and other key stakeholders.  The Committee is currently developing organizational models to be used by departments when planning their IM organizations, as well as by classification agents when classifying GWDs.  Next steps include planning a collective staffing initiative with the PSC to produce a pool of qualified people from which departments can draw to help fulfill their IM staffing needs.

ORO Contacts

IT Community Generics: Mark Brûlé at Mark.Brule@tbs-sct.gc.ca
CS Collective Staffing: Christine Tremblay at Christine.Tremblay@tbs-sct.gc.ca
IM Community Generics: Mary McLeod at Mary.McLeod@tbs-sct.gc.ca
IMPDCP: Tom Walters at Thomas.Walters@tbs-sct.gc.ca

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