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Compensation and Labour Relations

What is Compensation and Labour Relations?

Compensation and Labour Relations (CLR) is a branch that supports the Treasury Board by overseeing labour management and compensation operations for the core public administration. CLR conducts collective bargaining for employees; oversees pay administration; develops and interprets government-wide administrative policies; and, provides advice and support to departments and agencies on labour relations issues.

The branch also supports the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and separate agencies in various aspects of compensation management and collective bargaining. Review the list of CLR's main activities to learn more.

Whether you are an employee, a manager or a specialist in the labour relations, human resources or classification communities, the following policies, guidelines, tools and resources offer a wide range of information on compensation and labour relations topics.

Where can I find more information on…?

Changes to collective bargaining, essential services and recourse processes

Learn more about recent legislative amendments by consulting our Frequently Asked Questions on changes to collective bargaining, essential services and recourse processes.

Classification in the public service

Find out how the classification system is being modernized to meet the business requirements of government as well as the needs of managers and employees.

Collective Bargaining

Learn about the collective bargaining process, updates on negotiations, rates of pay and more.

Government Administrative Policies

Consult a range of government-wide workplace policies and directives.

The Policies for Ministers' Offices consolidates the rules and regulations that govern expenses incurred by ministers and their exempt staff when they perform duties directly related to their responsibilities.

The National Joint Council's website (NJC) of the Public Service of Canada is the Forum of Choice for co-development, consultation and information sharing between the government as employer and public service bargaining agents.  A number of key directives are co-developed through the NJC:

Recourse and Grievances

The Employer Representation in Recourse (ERR) section provides information and resources for departments and agencies on labour relations and classification grievances as well as on staffing and human rights complaints.

Information on strike and crisis management is also available in this section.

Occupational Health and Safety

Resources, tools and information on occupational health and safety (OHS) are available to help departments and agencies establish and manage their own OHS program.

Information on the Ebola virus disease and health and safety in federal workplaces is available on the Ebola virus disease - information for employees web page.

Other Resources

Consult the related links page to access key legislative documents and other useful resources.

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