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Main Activities

Compensation and Labour Relations Branch's main activities include:

  • determining and implementing appropriate compensation for Core Public Administration employees (with the exception of the Executive group) and for Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Forces members;
  • bargaining the compensation and working conditions of unionized Core Public Administration employees, which are divided into 27 bargaining units;
  • supporting other Federal Public Service employers, the Separate Agencies named in Schedule V of the Financial Administration Act, in obtaining their negotiations mandates from the Treasury Board;
  • developing and providing departments and agencies with advice and interpretation of administrative and excluded groups policies;
  • co-developing government-wide reimbursement and allowances policies with bargaining agents through the National Joint Council's website (e.g. Directives on Commuting Assistance, Foreign Service, Isolated Post and Government Housing, Relocation, and Travel);
  • providing advice to departments and agencies on terms and conditions of employment, discipline, termination, recourse mechanisms, exclusions, managerial or confidential essential services, union certification processes and Human Rights issues;
  • representing the Treasury Board, the Employer, before administrative tribunals in cases of complaints, grievances or for procedural purposes;
  • providing advice to departments and agencies on pay administration rules, regulations and policies and on service transformation initiatives;
  • providing policy direction on occupational health and safety, pay equity, Ministers' offices budget and guidelines, and the management of business continuity.
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