2020 Public Service Employee Survey Results

The results of the 2020 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) are presented according to the numerical order of questions, grouped by section theme as they appeared in the questionnaire. Results are not shown when there is no historical comparison, or when there is an insufficient number of responses.

The Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) results have historically been grouped across response categories to provide common measures on which to report. This allows for ease of comparison across questions and better interpretation of results. For all survey questions, we report on the results based on the “affirmative” grouped response categories, regardless of the type of response scale.

The results for individual response categories and grouped response categories for all opinion questions are included in the datasets and tables provided to departments and agencies and published on the Canada.ca website and through open data. The PSES metrics, products and tools provided by The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer (OCHRO) enable departments and agencies to analyse their own PSES results.

Results for the Public Service

Results for Departments and Agencies

Results for Micro-organizations

Micro-organizations are those that have fewer than 150 employees at the time of the survey. In order to protect the confidentiality of employees, demographic breakdowns of results are not provided for individual micro-organizations; results by demographics are provided only for all micro-organizations combined. Further, results for individual micro-organizations are provided only if the number of respondents to a question is sufficient to ensure the confidentiality of respondents.

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