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Green Procurement

Meeting Policy Requirements

1. Has the department incorporated environmental performance considerations in its procurement decision-making processes?


2. Summary of initiatives to incorporate environmental performance considerations in procurement decision-making processes:

In support of environmentally focused efforts by the Department and the federal government as a whole, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has placed significant focus on the need to green departmental operations where possible. The Department continues to explore greener options related to vehicle acquisition processes, and has increased the ethonol-blend-rated and hybrid vehicles in the Department's fleet. AAFC's Procurement Review Board reviews all significant procurement activities and incorporates environmental performance considerations where practical and feasible. The Department continues to inform clients on the importance of incorporating green elements into procurement requirements. For example, AAFC only approves a major cleaning services contract if the client incorporates green initiatives into the Request for Proposal. The Department is also exploring a means to promote and make mandatory the use of duplex (two-sided) printing to decrease paper consumption and considers duplex capability in its acquisition plans.

3. Results achieved:

AAFC succeeded in incorporating green elements into the procurement approval process. For example, AAFC awarded nine contracts for cleaning services in 2009-10 (total value of $5.1 million), all of which incorporated the use of green products and practices.

4. Contributions to facilitate government-wide implementation of green procurement:

AAFC strives to share any success stories with other departments and welcomes any best practices that have been established. The Asset Management Team attends various government-wide working groups and encourages government-wide implementation.

Green Procurement Targets

5. Has the department established green procurement targets?


AAFC has identified four green procurement targets, which are included in its Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS). AAFC’s SDS IV, Making Progress Together, can be found on the Department's website.

6. Summary of green procurement targets:

  1. Ongoing green procurement training in AAFC’s procurement community, either through Treasury Board Secretariat’s Professional Development and Certification Program, mandatory courses offered by the Canada School of Public Service, or other green procurement course offerings. The focus of the mandatory training will be on new employees who join the procurement community.

    Benefits: Improved awareness and application of the Green Procurement Policy. Through this awareness and knowledge, the procurement community can integrate green procurement practices in their areas of responsibility.

  2. Reduction of 3% per year in paper consumption in the National Capital Region (NCR) through the increase in duplex printers. See results achieved below.

    Benefits: Reduced paper usage has a direct positive impact on the environment.

  3. Inclusion of green technical specifications (use of green products and practices) where possible, in building cleaning contracts for facilities.

    Benefits: Increased use of green products and practices has a direct positive impact on the environment.

  4. Identify opportunities to increase printers and photocopiers with duplex functionality within the Department and promote the use of the duplex function among employees.

    Benefits: Reduction in paperwaste leading to a positive impact on the environment.

7. Results achieved:

AAFC has registered 105 staff as procurement, materiel management, real property specialists. Of these individuals, 40% have completed all training requirements, while 31% require only one or two courses. In terms of Green Procurement Course offerings specifically, records indicate that approximately 93% of staff have completed green procurement training. AAFC continues to encourage materiel managers and staff to register for green procurement training.

In terms of the NCR, AAFC has met its paper-use reduction target with a decrease in paper consumption (# of sheets) by 14.6% since 2008 according to supplier data provided throughout the year. AAFC has seen an overall decrease in paper consumption in the NCR of 34.7% since the 2005 baseline year. AAFC has been successful in reducing consumption in the NCR by at least 3% per year since 2005 and will strive for this result again next year. Realizing that the Department cannot reduce consumption by 3% indefinitely, a review of the target will be conducted and updated as required for the 2011-12 report.

AAFC awarded nine contracts (total value of $5.1 million) for cleaning services in 2009-10, all of which incorporated the use of green products and practices where feasible.

AAFC has 1005 printers enabled for duplex printing. The majority of printers at AAFC’s headquarters have been set to print duplex as the default.