Table 13: User Fees

 Name of User Fee  Fee Type  Fee-setting Authority  Reason for Planned Introduction of or Amendment to Fee  Effective Date of Planned Change  Consultation and Review Process Planned
1. Property-Related Lettings and Sublettings (o) Other-Cost Recovery (Lease of public property) Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Act, FAA, TB Cost Recovery and Charging Policy, 1997 TB decision on Net Voting, TB Real Property Revenue Policy This fee is modified as per each agreement to reflect market value As per terms of each agreement The fees are negotiated as part of a specific agreement with each licensee/ sublesee and in relation to each property for a specific time period. At the expiry of each agreement, the terms and fees are renegotiated to reflect market value
2. International Youth Program Participation Fee Program Participation Fee User Fee Act To expand and enhance the International Youth Program October 12, 2007 Consultations completed

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