Table of Contents

1.1 Ministers' Message
1.2 Management Representation Statement
1.3 Our Raison d'être
1.3.1 Our Mandate
1.3.2 What We Do
1.3.3 Our Ongoing Transformation
1.4 Our Accountability Structure and Organization Chart
1.4.1 Our Accountability Structure
1.4.2 Our Organization Chart
1.4.3 Our International Footprint: Canada's Representation Abroad
1.5 Our Program Activity Architecture (PAA)
1.5.1 Our 2008-2009 PAA
1.5.2 Our Overall Strategic Direction
1.5.3 Our Program Activities
1.6 Our Operating Environment
1.6.1 Internal and External Factors and Associated Challenges
1.6.2 Risks and Opportunities
1.6.3 Government-Wide (Horizontal) Initiatives Involving the Department
1.6.4 Lessons Learned from Our Assessment of Past Performance
1.6.5 Strategic Review as Announced in Budget 2007
1.7 Our Priorities and Plans
1.8 Summary of Our Resources for 2008-2011
1.8.1 Total Financial and Human Resources
1.8.2 Planned Spending for Program Activities by Strategic Outcome
1.9 Our Financial and Human Resources in More Detail
1.9.1 Voted and Statutory Items from Main Estimates
1.9.2 Planned Spending and Full-Time Equivalents
1.10 Our Principal Performance Measurement Model and Tools
1.10.1 Principal Performance Measurement Tools
1.10.2 Departmental Results Chain and Performance Model

Section II: Analysis of Program Activities by Strategic Outcome

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Strategic Outcome #1: Canada's International Agenda
2.2.1 Program Activity #1: International Policy Advice and Integration
2.2.2 Program Activity #2: Diplomacy and Advocacy
2.3 Strategic Outcome #2: International Services for Canadians
2.3.1 Program Activity #3: International Commerce
2.3.2 Program Activity #4: Consular Affairs
2.3.3 Program Activity #5: Passport Canada
2.4 Strategic Outcome #3: Canada's International Platform
2.4.1 Program Activity #6: Canada's International Platform: Support at Headquarters
2.4.2 Program Activity #7: Canada's International Platform: Support at Missions Abroad

Section III: More Financial Tables and Supplementary Information

Section IV: Other Items of Interest

4.1 Our Internal Services
4.2 Contact Information
4.3 Acronyms
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