Appendix F: Standard on Enterprise Information Technology Service Usage Restrictions

Date modified: 2022-05-06

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Appendix F. Standard on Enterprise IT Service Usage Restrictions

F.1 Effective date

  • F.1.1This standard takes effect on May 4, 2022.
  • F.1.2This standard provides details on the requirements set out in subsection of the Directive on Service and Digital.

F.2 Standards

  • F.2.1Standards for Enterprise Application Hosting Services are as follows:
    • F.2.1.1No new departmental application deployments are to occur in data centres that are targeted for closure within two years;
    • F.2.1.2All departmental applications must have an application health rating in the Application Portfolio Management (APM) system of at least “Minimal attention required”;
    • F.2.1.3New departmental mainframe applications must be deployed in accordance to the GC Mainframe Strategy; and
    • F.2.1.4Departments must map all applications hosted on Shared Services Canada (SSC) infrastructure using the Application Portfolio Management application identification within the SSC-managed Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
  • F.3.1Standards for Enterprise IT Service Delivery:
  • F.4.1Standards for Networking and Cabling Services are as follows:
    • F.4.1.1Ensure that local Internet access services are obtained through SSC;
    • F.4.1.2Departments are responsible for all costs for supplying these services to users; and
    • F.4.1.3Guest Wi-Fi must be provided wherever GC Wi-Fi is available.
  • F.5.1Standards for Telephony Services are as follows:
    • F.5.1.1Telephony plans can be purchased for automated devices that require connectivity; and
    • F.5.1.2Fixed lines are permitted for:
  • F.6.1Standards for Printing Services are as follows:
    • F.6.1.1No more than one printer for every 250 users.
  • F.7.1Standards for Workplace Technology Device Services are as follows:
    • F.7.1.1There is to be at least two web browsers installed on each end-user device.
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