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Public Service Benefit Plans - Overview

The federal government offers a package of benefits which includes health, dental, and disability insurance plans. The government recognizes the importance of workplace well-being as an important factor in both the recruitment and retention of employees.

The Benefit Plans – Overview

The Treasury Board is the benefit plan sponsor. It is responsible for establishing and modifying the plans and developing policy.  It also sets the terms and conditions relating to eligibility, premiums, contributions, and benefits.  Each group benefit plan has a principal administrator or insurer. 

The health and dental benefit plans have a total eligible population of over one million members and dependants, while the disability plans have 227,000 eligible members.  These plans are currently administered by four insurance providers:

  • The Public Service Health Care Plan (587,500 members) is administered by Sun Life
  • The Public Service Dental Care Plan (362,000 members) is administered by Great West Life
  • The Public Service Disability Insurance Plan (227,000 members) is administered by Sun Life
  • The Pensioners' Dental Services Plan (193,000 members) is administered by Sun Life
  • The Public Service Management Insurance Plan (50,400 members) is administered by Industrial Alliance
  • The Service Income Security Insurance Plan Long Term Disability insurance program (SISIP LTD) (60,000 members) is administered by Manulife Financial
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Life and Disability Insurance Plan (30,000 members) is administered by Great West Life

Workplace Wellness and Productivity

The Government of Canada plans to modernize this outmoded and inefficient disability management system in order to provide seamless coverage and active case management. The Government plans to introduce, for the first time, a short-term disability program to support employees through illness while the long-term program will be overhauled and integrated with the short-term disability program.

A revamped plan would strengthen support for ill and injured employees, including addressing new and emerging illness like mental health, which today represent more than half of all disability claims among employed Canadians. Active case management will tackle high rates of absenteeism in the public service, ensuring a timely return to work and improved productivity.

For more information, please consult Workplace Wellness and Productivity Strategy Overview and the Frequently Asked Questions.

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