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Insurance Benefits Programs

This site gives you information on the Health, Dental, Disability, and Life Insurance benefits programs provided by your employer. The information presented here is a summary of the information included in the official plan documents. Please refer to those documents for full details. The content of this site is provided as supplementary information and does not supersede the legislative, regulatory provisions, plan documents, plan rules and insurance contracts which govern your group benefit plans.

Public Service Health Care Plan FAQ's contains a description of the Health Plan which reimburses employees for part or all of their eligible drug, medical services, and hospital expenses over and above what is provided under provincial health insurance plans.

Public Service Dental Care Plan FAQ's and Pensioners' Dental Services Plan FAQ's contains information on the plans which reimburse employees and pensioners for part of their eligible dental care expenses.

Life Insurance FAQ's provides information and directs you to the sources on employee life insurance benefits. The Supplementary Death Benefit Plan covers most employees who contribute to the Public Service Pension Plan. The Public Service Management Insurance Plan (PSMIP) covers Executives and others who are members of certain designated groups.

Disability Benefits FAQ's  provides information on income benefits for employees who become totally disabled and are unable to work.

For employees who live in provinces or territories where a contribution is required for provincial health care, Employer Contribution to Provincial Health Insurance will explain how your employer shares the contribution.

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