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Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan FAQ’S

What is the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan (PDSP)?

The Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan is a voluntary, contributory dental services plan established by the Government to provide dental services coverage to eligible public service pensioners and their eligible dependants.

It provides coverage for specific services and supplies that are not covered under a provincial health or dental care plan. The PDSP covers only reasonable and customary dental treatment that is necessary to prevent or correct dental disease or defect, provided the treatment is consistent with generally accepted dental practices.

Full information on this Plan is contained in the PDSP Rules and in the Enrolment Information and Plan Summary booklet.

The Plan Administrator, Sun Life Financial, has an Internet service to provide members with secure access to claims information and other services.  An Access-ID and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) are needed.  You can get these by calling the Plan Administrator.  The contact information is located on their web site.

Is the PDSP different from the dental care plan I have as an employee?

Although the benefits provided under the PDSP are similar to those provided under the dental care plan for employees (DCP), the benefits are provided under separate and distinct plans, and the plans are administered by two different companies.

An important difference between the plans is that as a pensioner, you will pay a contribution for your dental care coverage.

Are all pensioners eligible to become members?

For the most part, retired Public Service employees, as well as spouses, common-law partners, children and students who are receiving pensions under a number of federal pension statutes, including the Public Service Superannuation Act , are eligible. However, there are some restrictions in the case of employees who retire from public service agencies or entities. A list of agencies whose pensioners are eligible can be found in Schedule 1 of the PDSP Rules

Is my coverage continuous when I retire?

If you retire from the Public Service and are immediately receiving a pension, annuity or annual allowance under the Public Service Superannuation Act , and if you enrol in the PDSP, there will not be a break in your coverage between the two plans. If you do not immediately become a pensioner, you will be eligible when your pension begins to be paid.

Can I cover my dependants under the PDSP?

Yes. You can cover an eligible spouse, common-law partner and/or child(ren). Your family members’ eligibility is described in the PDSP Rules.

Can I be covered under the PDSP if I live outside of Canada when I retire?

Yes.  Note, however, that claims reimbursements are made in Canadian currency.

If I am receiving free dental care from Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC), do I have to pay the full cost of family coverage under the PDSP?

No. Special rates apply to persons receiving free dental care under VAC’s Dental Program. Full details are available on the Enrolment Information for Pensioners Eligible to Join the Pensioners Dental Services Plan who are also covered under the Veterans Affairs Canada Dental Services Program.

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