Section III:  Supplementary Information

Financial and Human Resource Tables

The following information is available on the Treasury Board Secretariat web site at:

Table 1: Details of Transfer Payment Programs

Table 2: Green Procurement

Table 3: Sustainable Development Strategy

Table 4: Internal Audits

Table 5: Evaluations

Table 6: Loans, Investments, and Advances (Non-Budgetary)

Table 7: Sources of Respendable and Non-Respendable Revenue

Table 8: Status Report on Major Crown Projects

Table 9: Summary of Capital Spending by Program Activity

The following information is available on the Department of National Defence web site at:

Table 1b: Summary of Transfer Payments Program by PAA

Table 1c: Details on Transfer Payments Programs over $5 million

Table 10a: Details on Project Spending (Capital) Greater than $30 million

Table 10b: Capital Construction Program Spending over $60 million

Table 11a: Cost Estimates for CF International Operations

Table 11b: Cost Estimates for CF Domestic and Continental Operations

Table 12: Response to Parliamentary Committees and External Audits

Table 13: Accrual Budgeting and Major Projects

Table 14: Departmental and Capital Planned Spending by PAA Sub-Activity

Table A: Military (Regular Force) by Program Activity

Table B: Civilian Full-Time Equivalents by Program Activity

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