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Annex 1: Financial Tables

Table 1: Breakdown of the International Assistance Envelope (Issuance Basis)

(millions of dollars) Planned Spending
Planned Spending
Canadian International Development Agency 2,929.794 2,964.856
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade 484.800 352.079
Finance 369.470 369.480
International Development Research Centre 140.960 150.000
Other Departments 11.970 11.970
Funds held in reserve and not included in Main Estimates 358.116 513.000
Total IAE 4,295.110 4,361.385

Table 2: CIDA's Main Estimates Reconciled with the International Assistance Envelope (IAE)

(millions of dollars) Main Estimates 2007-08 Main Estimates 2008-09
Allocation from the IAE 2,929.794 2,964.856
Loan Repayments 23.771 24.317
Allocations from Outside the IAE
International Youth Internship Program 6.371 6.371
Salaries sourced from outside the IAE 21.933 23.474
Reference Level for Main Estimates (Issuance basis) 2,981.869 3,019.018
Issuance of Notes (215.032) (215.032)
Encashment of Notes 259.706 257.861
Reference Level for Main Estimates (Cash basis) 3,026.543 3,061.847

Table 3: Departmental Planned Spending and Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs)

(thousands of dollars) Forecast Spending 2007–08 Planned Spending 2008–09
Countries of Concentration 825,975 887,821
Fragile States and Countries Experiencing Humanitarian Crisis 598,755 611,209
Selected Countries and Regions 612,069 566,902
Multilateral, International and Canadian Institutions 915,106 924,282
Engaging Canadian Citizens 74,638 71,633
Total Budgetary Main Estimates 3,026,543 3,061,847
Canadian Investment Fund for Africa 19,000 ...
International Financial Institutions (IFI) 3,643 8,004
Total Non-Budgetary Main Estimates 22,643 8,004
Total Main Estimates 3,049,186 3,069,851
Supplementary Estimates A:
- Additional resources for programming in Afghanistan and Sudan 4,247  
- Lebanon Relief Fund 2,200  
- Sudan Humanitarian and Reconstruction Support 16,000  
- Canadian Investment Fund for Africa (L45) 26,583  
- Internal Audit 848  
- Transfer to Foreign Affairs and International Trade for support to the African Union peace operations in Darfur (11,867)  
- Transfer to Foreign Affairs and International Trade for CIDA's increased presence abroad (4,477)  
- Transfer to Foreign Affairs and International Trade for scholarship programs in Latin America and the Caribbean (750)  
- Transfer to the International Development Research Centre for the Institute for Connectivity in Americas (2,000)  
- Operating Budget Carry Forward 10,533  
- Collective Bargaining Agreements 1,316  
Supplementary Estimates B:
- Additional resources for Canada's Eleventh Conference of the Parties Commitments on Climate Change 7,500  
- Additional resources for the Public Service Modernization Act 1,427  
- Additional resources for the Federal Accountability Act 454  
- Transfer to the Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada to support the National Manager's Community (16)  
- Transfer to the International Development Research Centre for research projects in Latin America (4,800)  
- Collective Bargaining Agreements 114  
- Internal reallocation of resources (9,380)  
Additional Planned Spending   152,920
Total Adjustments 37,931 152,920
Total Planned Spending 3,087,117 3,222,771
Less: Non-respendable revenue (2,782) (2,590)
Plus: Cost of services received without charge 24,635 25,634
Total Agency Spending 3,108,970 3,245,815
Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) 1,795 1,834

Table 4: Resources by Program Activity

(thousands of dollars) Budgetary Non-Budgetary Adjustments
Program Activity Operating Grants Contributions and Other Transfer Payments Gross Loans, Investments and Advances Total Main Estimates (planned spending not in Main Estimates) Total Planned Spending
Strategic Outcome: Increased achievement of development goals consistent with Canada's foreign policy objectives
Countries of Concentration 79,162 191,400 617,259 887,821   887,821 80,000 967,821
Fragile States and Countries Experiencing Humanitarian Crisis 50,391 488,880 71,938 611,209   611,209   611,209
Selected Countries and Regions 60,168 144,964 361,770 566,902   566,902 13,920 580,822
Multilateral, International and Canadian Institutions 50,642 395,899 477,741 924,282 8,004 932,286 59,000 991,286
Strategic Outcome: Sustained support and informed action by Canadians in international development
Engaging Canadian Citizens 10,171 7,505 53,957 71,633   71,633   71,633
Total 250,534 1,228,648 1,582,665 3,061,847 8,004 3,069,851 152,920 3,222,771

Table 5: Voted and Statutory Items listed in Main Estimates

(in thousands of dollars)
Vote or Statutory Item Truncated Vote or Statutory Wording 2008-09 Main Estimates 2007-08 Main Estimates
20 Operating expenditures 224,674 207,214
25 Grants and contributions 2,553,452 2,534,539
(S) Minister of International Cooperation - Salary and motor car allowance 76 75
(S) Encashment of notes issued to the development assistance funds of the international financial institutions in accordance with the International Development (Financial Institutions) Assistance Act 257,861 259,706
(S) Contributions to employee benefit plans 25,784 25,009
  Total Budgetary 3,061,847 3,026,543
L30 The issuance and payment of notes to the International Financial Institution Fund Accounts ... ...
(S) Payments to International Financial Institutions -- Capital Subscriptions 8,004 3,643
  Investment contributions pursuant to section 3 of the Canada Fund for Africa Act ... 19,000
  Total Non-Budgetary 8,004 22,643
  Total Agency 3,069,851 3,049,186

Note: The following tables can be found on the TBS's website at:

  • Details on Transfer Payments Programs (Grants, Contributions and Other Transfer Payments)
  • Evaluations and Internal Audits
  • Green Procurement
  • Loans, Investments and Advances (Non-Budgetary)
  • Services Received without Charge
  • Source of Respendable and Non-Respendable Revenue
  • User fees

Annex 2: Other Information

For additional information about CIDA's programs, activities, and operations, please visit

or contact:

Public Inquiries Service
Communications Branch, 5th Floor
Canadian International Development Agency
200 Promenade du Portage
Gatineau, QC
Canada K1A 0G4

Telephone: (819) 997-5006
Toll free 1-800-230-6349
Telecommunications Device for the Hearing and Speech Impaired: (819) 953-5023
Toll free 1-800-331-5018
Fax: (819) 953-6088

Legislation Administered

The Order-in-Council P.C. 1968-923 of May 8, 1968, and P.C. 1968-1760 of September 12, 1968 designate CIDA as a department for the purposes of the Financial Administration Act. The authority for the CIDA program and related purposes is found in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Act, and in the Annual Appropriations Act. CIDA is the lead government organization responsible for Canada's ODA.

1 Peer reviews by the OECD DAC are independent evaluations of individual donor country programs and policies that occur every four to five years for all 23 DAC members with the objective of (i) monitoring members' development cooperation policies and programs, and assessing their effectiveness against the goals and policies agreed in the DAC, as well as against internationally and nationally established objectives; (ii) assisting members in improving their aid performance through shared learning; and (iii) identifying good practice and foster coordination of effort.

2 For information on the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, please refer to section 1.2.5.

3 Complete information on the principles and practices of the Good Humanitarian Donorship can be found at

4 The country program audit focus will be based on the TBS Management Accountability Framework and the Paris Declaration.