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Review of the Costs Associated with Administering Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Legislation


Executive Summary

1. Background

2. Furthering Our Understanding of Access to Information Requests

3. Furthering Our Understanding of Privacy Requests

4. Suggestions from the ATIP Community

5. Challenges to Maintain the Quality of Access to Information Program Services

6. The Utility of the Current Fee Schedule

7. Alternative Approaches

8. Summary Suggestions

Appendix A - Survey Questions Posed to the ATIP Community

Appendix B - Survey Responses by the ATIP Community

Appendix C - Estimate of Overall Costs

Appendix D - Respondents

Appendix E - Access to Information Requests: A Ten Year Perspective of Costs, Fees, Person Years and Requests

Appendix F - Access to Information Requests by Source: A Ten-Year Perspective

Appendix G - Privacy Requests: A Ten-Year Perspective of Costs, Person-Years and Requests


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