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Appendix G. Standard on Information Technology Provisions

G.1 Profiles

  • G.1.1These profiles provide details in support of requirement of the Directive on Service and Digital.
  • G.1.2

    The specifications for the GC IT User and Call Centre User profiles are:

    • G.1.2.1A single portable computing device.
    • G.1.2.2A single keyboard and input device.
    • G.1.2.3All computing devices have camera, microphone, and Wi-Fi network connectivity enabled.
    • G.1.2.4A single licence to the Microsoft Office M365 E3 subscription.
    • G.1.2.5A limit of one non-Microsoft Office M365 account for audio/web/video conferencing.
    • G.1.2.6A single individual enterprise email account.
    • G.1.2.7A single GC Digital Identity.
    • G.1.2.8

      A limit of one cellular device and one lowest-tier cellular plan.

      • G. second cellular device and second cellular plan as required for secure/classified information or communications.
    • G.1.2.9Eligible to be assigned a single Government of Canada Secret Infrastructure (GCSI) account.
    • G.1.2.10Eligible to be assigned secure remote access (SRA).
  • G.1.3

    The specifications for the Remote/Field User and the Policing/Enforcement/Intelligence User in addition to the GC IT User are:

    • G.1.3.1Eligible for ruggedized portable computing device.
    • G.1.3.2Eligible for high-data limit cellular plans if principally working remotely.
  • G.1.4

    The specifications for the High-security User in addition to the GC IT User are:

    • G.1.4.1Eligible for computing device to be desktop computer.
    • G.1.4.2Eligible to have camera, microphone, or Wi-Fi functionalities disabled.
    • G.1.4.3Eligible to be assigned fixed telephony devices (Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or other fixed line) if cell signal is not permitted in their work environment.
  • G.1.5

    The specifications for the Scientist/Lab User, Data Scientist/Analyst, and Software Developer / Power User / Graphic Designer in addition to the GC IT User are:

    • G.1.5.1Eligible to have a high-performance device as their base computing device.
  • G.1.6

    The specifications for the International Users in addition to the GC Office User are:

    • G.1.6.1Eligible to be assigned cellular plans appropriate for international use.
    • G.1.6.2Eligible to be assigned additional digital identities or third-party credentials.
  • G.2.1

    The base specifications for all individual and collaborative workpoint profiles are:

    • G.2.1.1Cellular and Wireless connectivity, with minimum -60 decibel-milliwatts (dBm) signal strength.
  • G.2.2

    The specifications for all individual workpoint profiles in addition to the base specified in G.2.1 are:

    • G.2.2.1

      Two screen display (monitor) devices.

      • G. displays have rotate, tilt, and height-adjust capabilities.
      • G. screen size is 22 inches per screen.
    • G.2.2.2Port replicators for connection to a portable computing device.
    • G.2.2.3Small Workspaces may have zero or one screen display (monitor) devices.
  • G.2.3

    The specifications for Fixed-line Workpoints in addition to the base individual workpoint profiles are:

    • G.2.3.1One fixed telephony/network connection.
  • G.2.4

    The specifications for High-security Workpoints in addition to the base individual workpoint profiles are:

    • G.2.4.1Eligible for a secure desktop computer.
    • G.2.4.2Fixed network connection(s) to secret networks.
    • G.2.4.3Cell signals and wireless connectivity can be restricted.
    • G.2.4.4Eligible for fixed telephony, or secure fixed telephony.
  • G.2.5

    The specifications for High-bandwidth Workpoints in addition to the base individual workpoint profiles are:

    • G.2.5.1A fixed network connection point of minimum 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps).
  • G.2.6

    The specifications for Commissionaires Desks in addition to the base individual workpoint profiles are:

    • G.2.6.1One fixed telephony/network connection point.
  • G.2.7

    The specifications for Phone Booths are:

    • G.2.7.1One fixed telephony/network connection point.
  • G.2.8

    The specifications for all collaborative workpoint profiles in addition to the base are:

    • G.2.8.1Each floor in a GC building should have, at minimum, three equally spaced fixed telephony/network connection points, for backup and emergency connection purposes.
  • G.2.9

    The specifications for Boardrooms and Collaborative Spaces in addition to the base collaborative workpoint profiles are:

    • G.2.9.1At minimum, one fixed telephony/network connection point, with additional connection points possible based on their size.
    • G.2.9.2At minimum, one display device of at least 48 inches.
    • G.2.9.3Display devices include HDMI connections, and boardroom screens have screen-casting / screen-sharing capabilities.
    • G.2.9.4Boardrooms include cameras and microphones, as appropriate, for audio or video conferencing.
    • G.2.9.5Microsoft Office 365 compatible technologies for any new implementations.
  • G.2.10

    The specifications for Equipment Area in addition to the base collaborative workpoint profiles are:

    • G.2.10.1One fixed telephony/network connection point for each communication device in the centre.
  • G.2.11

    The specifications for Lobby and Public Access Zones in addition to the base collaborative workpoint profiles are:

    • G.2.11.1Availability of guest Wi-Fi.
    • G.2.11.2Fixed-line telephony.
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