Appendix J: Standard on Systems that Manage Information and Data

Date modified: 2022-05-06

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Appendix J. Standard on Systems that Manage Information and Data

J.1 Effective date

  • J.1.1This standard takes effect on May 4, 2022.
  • J.1.2This standard applies to all systems; however,
    • J.1.2.1Existing systems, developed or procured before May 4, 2022, will have 24 months to be fully transitioned to the requirements in this standard; or
    • J.1.2.2For systems recognized as “legacy”, departments will have 24 months from the effective date to establish a plan to meet the requirements in this standard.

J.2 Standard

  • J.2.1This standard provides details in support of section of the Policy on Service and Digital and sections 4.3.1 and of the Directive on Service and Digital and replaces the Standard for Electronic Documents and Records Management Solutions (EDRMS) dated (June 1, 2010).
  • J.2.2Systems, either individually or when used in conjunction with one another, must:
    • J.2.2.1Permit users to discover, access, create, capture, collaborate and share information and data, as set out in R1.1.1, R1.1.2, R1.1.3 and R1.1.4 of ISO-16175-1:2020;
    • J.2.2.2Have the capacity to manage the retention and disposition of information and data in a procedural and auditable way, as set out in R2.1.1, R2.1.2, R2.1.3, R2.1.4, R2.1.5, R2.1.6 and R2.1.7 of ISO-16175-1:2020;
    • J.2.2.3Support the use of metadata as an active, dynamic and integral part of the recordkeeping process, as set out in R1.2.1, R1.2.2, R1.2.3, R1.2.4, R1.3.1, and R1.3.2 of ISO-16175-1:2020;
    • J.2.2.4Support the use of enterprise information and data taxonomies and classification structures to manage, store, search and retrieve information and data, as set out in R3.2.4 of ISO-16175-1:2020;
    • J.2.2.5Support interoperability, as set out in R4.1.1, R4.1.2 and R4.1.3 of ISO-16175-1:2020;
    • J.2.2.6Have the capacity for bulk import and export using open formats, as set out in R2.2.1, R2.2.2, R2.2.3, R2.2.4, and R2.2.5 of ISO-16175-1:2020;
    • J.2.2.7Facilitate the secure management of information and data, and consideration of privacy and security categorization, as set out in R3.1.1, R3.1.2, R3.1.3, R3.1.4, R4.2.1, R4.2.2, R4.2.3 of ISO-16175-1:2020.
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