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Guidance, Tools and Resources for Project Management, Governance and Oversight

The following guidance, tools and resources will help you improve the management and oversight of Government of Canada IT-enabled business projects. The materials provided may need to be tailored to the needs of your department or project.

A project is IT-enabled if the product/service resulting from the project cannot be successful without IT enablement or involvement (including hardware, software and infrastructure).

Please note: The Enhanced Management Framework (EMF) used by the Government of Canada to direct the management of Information Management and Information Technology (IM/IT) projects is under review. Key tools from the EMF have been updated and are accessible from the table below.

Resource Description Guidance and Tools
Business Case Provides the context for an investment decision, a description of viable options, analysis thereof, and a recommended decision. The recommendation describes the proposed investment and all of its characteristics, such as benefits, costs, risks, time frame, change requirements, impact on stakeholders, and so forth.
Executive Project Dashboard A business management tool used to visually represent the health and status of a project or portfolio of projects, using key project metrics.
Independent Review Program A critical assessment of a project, conducted by qualified, unbiased, individuals who are at arm's length.
Project Charter Document used to formally authorize the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to the project activities. As a comprehensive overview of the project, it allows all parties involved to reach agreement and document major aspects of the project such as the objectives, the scope, the deliverables, and the resources required.
Project Gating A formalized structure and process that involves focused senior management scrutiny on a project at pre-determined points in the project life cycle.
Project Plan Provides detailed information on the project controls that will be used to manage a project. It includes information on interim and final deliverables, managerial and technical processes used, resources required, and additional plans to support the project.
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