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Leave Without Pay

Leave Without Pay is authorized unpaid absence from work. It could be taken for:

  1. Adoptions;
  2. Care and nurturing of an elderly parent;
  3. Disability that has caused you to go on Worker's Compensation;
  4. Maternity or paternity;
  5. Other personal needs;
  6. Relocation of spouse;
  7. Seasonal lay-off;
  8. Self-funded leave;
  9. Other family-related;
  10. Etc.

How to Apply for It:

  1. You need to notify and ask approval from your immediate supervisor in writing before you can take it.
  2. The supervisor will notify the Compensation Advisor for the Unit and ask for direction as to what needs to be done for the leave to happen. 
  3. The Compensation Advisor will review the existing Collective Agreement and provide the employee with a letter describing the options available to them and responsibilities concerning their benefits and deductions during the leave period. The letters for the different types of Leave Without Pay can be found on Treasury Board's Compensation - Standard Benefits Letters. 
  4. The Collective Agreement for your Group can be used to further confirm the options described in the letter.

The Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Chart summarizes the effect of Leave Without Pay (different kinds) on Severance Pay, Vacation Leave, and Pay Increments for the various Collective Agreements.

For details, please refer to the Leave Without Pay Policy or ask your Compensation Advisor.

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