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ARCHIVED - Governor General Special Warrants in 2005-2006

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Treasury Board Contingencies Vote (TB Vote 5) Items

This table provides a comprehensive summary of all TB Vote 5 allocations for 2005-2006.

In general, there are two types of TB Vote 5 funding: permanent and temporary. Permanent funding is normally reserved for paylist shortfalls such as severance pay and parental benefits, which cannot be predetermined and are, therefore, paid centrally and typically at year-end. Temporary funding is provided for urgent miscellaneous, minor and unforeseen expenditures, which were not provided for in the Main Estimates and which are required before Supplementary Estimates are tabled. Once Parliament approves the appropriation bill for Supplementary Estimates and the Governor General provides Royal Assent, the temporary funding is reimbursed to TB Vote 5.

The Supplementary Estimates (A) for 2005-2006, which was tabled on October 27, 2005, reflected temporary allocations from TB Vote 5 of $162,742,639. In addition, an allocation of $550,000 was subsequently approved and would have been included in a future Supplementary Estimate. These items are listed below in section A.

In addition, given restrictions relating to using Special Warrants for grant payments, one of the first steps carried out by the Treasury Board prior to the dissolution of Parliament was to fund new grants that would also have been subject to Parliament's approval in the supply bill for the Supplementary Estimates (A). The payment of these grants (and Canadian International Development Agency's contributions) met the same "urgent" tests as other Special Warrant requirements and was consistent with the current practice of using TB Vote 5 when the payment of a grant is considered to be urgent. In total, $469,808,465 was allocated and the specific items are listed below in section B.

Finally, given the requirement that no appropriation is available from which a payment could be made, any funds remaining in central votes had to be depleted prior to the issuance of Special Warrants. In total, $116,898,896 was allocated in the initial Special Warrant period, on a first come, first served basis against organizational requests for funding. The departments receiving funding through TB Vote 5 in lieu of Special Warrants are listed below in section C.

As the election call precluded the related appropriation bill for Supplementary Estimates (A) from being introduced and approved, and no further Supplementary Estimates were tabled before March 31, 2006, all the allocations from TB Vote 5 for 2005-2006 will be permanent. In total, $750,000,000 was allocated as follows:

Summary of Funding Allocated Through TB Vote 5      

Allocations relating to 2005-2006 Supplementary Estimates     163,292,639  
Allocations for urgent grant (or contribution) payments     469,808,465  
Allocations in lieu of Special Warrants     116,898,896  

Total allocated     750,000,000  

The following provides detailed information on the allocations. As well, the individual organizational pages will provide information on the allocations listed under sections B and C.

A. Allocations relating to 2005-2006 Supplementary Estimates      

Department or Agency     (dollars)  

Canadian Grain Commission      
Funding to ensure the safety and quality of grain     21,000,000  

Canadian International Development Agency      
Funding for contributions to the Canada Investment Fund for Africa in order to match private      
sector investments     29,000,000  

Funding for a settlement agreement with the Deh Cho First Nation that provides direction for      
land, resource and governance negotiations under the Deh Cho Process and which      
cooperatively resolves issues related to the review of the Mackenzie Gas Project     5,000,000  
Funding to implement and expand pilot projects under the Urban Aboriginal Strategy in up to      
six additional cities to respond better to the diversity of local needs of Urban Aboriginal people     7,418,000  
Interim funding in response to the Supreme Court decision in R. v. Powley to support research,      
multilateral discussions, and capacity development for Métis organizations     8,724,639  

Offices of the Information and Privacy Commissioners of Canada      
Renewal of funding to fulfill legislative responsibilities associated to the Personal Information      
Protection and Electronics Documents Act     2,900,000  

Funding for a financial contribution relating to an assistance agreement between the Minister      
of State (Infrastructure and Communities) and the Old Port of Montréal Corporation Inc.     16,325,000  

Senate Ethics Officer      
Funding for the establishment and operational requirements of the Senate Ethics Officer     775,000  

Grant to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind to improve the accessibility of      
information and written culture for Canadians with print disabilities     4,600,000  

To provide for a negotiated settlement agreement with the Toronto Port Authority     35,000,000  
Increased payments to Marine Atlantic Inc. for operating requirements     32,000,000  

Sub-total - As listed in the 2005-2006 Supplementary Estimates (A)     162,742,639  

* Operating costs for the Internal Trade Secretariat     550,000  

Total - Allocations relating to 2005-2006 Supplementary Estimates     163,292,639  

B. Allocations for urgent grant (and contribution) payments      

Grants to organizations to facilitate adaptation and rural development within the agriculture and      
agri-food sector     2,900,000  

Grant to Hnatyshyn Foundation     650,000  
Grant to the Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta Arts Awards Foundation     1,000,000  
Grants to eligible publishers of Canadian periodicals to defray a portion of mailing costs     4,000,000  
Grants in support of the Cultural Spaces Canada Program     3,000,000  
Grants in support of the Arts Presentation Canada Program     7,000,000  
Grants to support the Aboriginal Peoples' Program     500,000  
Grants to non-profit organizations, universities, institutions and individuals for promoting      
multiculturalism     455,150  
Grant to the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Inc.     10,000,000  
Status of Women - Office of the Co-ordinator      
Women's Program - Grants to women's and other voluntary organizations for the purpose of      
furthering women's participation in Canadian society     227,184  

* This item was approved subsequent to the tabling of the 2005-2006 Supplementary Estimates (A) and would have been included in a spring Supplementary Estimates had they been tabled.

B. Allocations for urgent grant (and contribution) payments    

Department or Agency     (dollars)  

Grant for the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration     6,751,000  

Debt payments to international organizations on the behalf of poor countries     51,200,000  

Grants to support organizations associated with research, development, management, and      
promotion of fisheries and oceans-related issues     100,000  

Grants for the Counter Terrorism Capacity Building Program     2,100,000  
United Nations Development Program in Sudan     1,500,000  
Grants in lieu of taxes on diplomatic, consular and international organizations' property in Canada      
in accordance with terms and conditions approved by the Governor in Council     96,000  
Canadian International Development Agency      
Development assistance to international development institutions and organizations for      
operations, programs and projects, and to international financial institutions     135,595,000  
Programming against hunger, malnutrition and disease through international development,      
research and nutrition institutions; Canadian, international and local non-governmental      
organizations; the International Development Research Centre; developing countries, their      
institutions, their organizations and their agencies in such countries for the benefit of recipients in      
developing countries     45,168,566  
Development assistance, including payments for loan agreements issued under the authority of      
previous Appropriation Acts , to all levels of developing country and territories governments,      
including their institutions, organizations and agencies, and contributions to Canadian, other      
donor country, international and regional institutions, organizations and agencies, to all levels of      
other donor country government and provincial governments, their institutions, organizations and      
agencies, and to private-sector firms in support of regional and country-specific development      
assistance projects, programs and activities, and to persons capable of delivering aid activities or      
actively engaged in development issues     15,131,434  

Grants to eligible non-profit international organizations in support of their projects or programs on      
health     915,000  
Grant to the Canadian Institute for Health Information     15,000,000  
Nunavut Medical Travel Fund     10,200,000  
Northwest Territories Medical Travel Fund     3,200,000  
Yukon Medical Travel Fund     1,600,000  
Government of Yukon for the Territorial Health Access Fund and Operational Secretariat     6,333,333  
Government of Northwest Territories for the Territorial Health Access Fund     4,333,333  
Government of Nunavut for the Territorial Health Access Fund     4,333,334  
Canadian Institutes of Health Research      
Grants for research projects and personnel support     34,320,000  
Public Health Agency of Canada      
Grant to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research in recognition of the 25th anniversary of      
the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope     10,000,000  
Grants to persons and agencies to support health promotion projects in the areas of community      
health, resource development, training and skill development and research     5,415,000  

Grants to not-for-profit organizations, individuals, municipal governments, Band/tribal councils      
and other Aboriginal organizations, public health and educational institutions, Régies régionales,      
for-profit enterprises, research organizations and research institutes to carry out research on      
homelessness to help communities better understand and more effectively address homelessness      
issues     312,901  

Payments to self-governing Aboriginal organizations, pursuant to comprehensive land claim      
agreements, self-government agreements or treaty legislation     10,224,998  
Grant for Mi'kmaq Education in Nova Scotia     392,239  
Grants to the Canadian universities and institutes for northern scientific research training     364,000  
Grants to the beneficiaries or implementing bodies of comprehensive land claim agreements or      
comprehensive land claim settlements     11,391,483  

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council      
Grants and Scholarships     31,400,000  
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council      
Grants and Scholarships     10,968,350  
Indirect Costs of Research     14,633,000  

Royal Canadian Navy Benevolent Fund     24,660  
Institute of Environment Monitoring and Research     375,000  
Mr. R.P. Thompson     3,500  
Air Cadet League of Canada     130,000  
Army Cadet League of Canada     130,000  
Navy League of Canada     130,000  

New Horizons for Seniors Program     3,900,000  
Grant to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind     1,400,000  

Canadian Veterans Association of the United Kingdom     4,000  

Grant to the Prince Rupert Port Authority     1,000,000  

Total - Allocations for urgent grant (and contribution) programs     469,808,465  

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited     47,011,000  
Canadian International Development Agency     8,000,000  
Canadian International Trade Tribunal     956,650  
Courts Administration Service     5,413,317  
Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec     3,833,250  
Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada     3,236,875  
House of Commons     7,795,201  
Indian Affairs and Northern Development     2,475,000  
International Development Research Centre     3,541,000  
Justice     12,550,408  
Library and Archives of Canada     11,105,898  
Library of Parliament     500,000  
National Arts Centre Corporation     1,048,000  
National Capital Commission     2,740,000  
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy     675,782  
Offices of the Information and Privacy Commissioners of Canada     1,209,633  
Royal Canadian Mounted Police External Review Committee     55,450  
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Public Complaints Commission     1,166,432  
Telefilm Canada     987,000  
Transport     2,598,000  

Total - Allocations in lieu of Special Warrants     116,898,896  

Grand Total     750,000,000