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Supplementary Estimates (B), 2013-14

Archived information

Archived information is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. It is not subject à to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. Please contact us to request a format other than those available.


Structure of these Supplementary Estimates

This Supplementary Estimates document is presented in four sections:

  1. Introduction to Supplementary Estimates;
  2. Summary Tables;
  3. Details by Department, Agency, and Crown Corporation; and
  4. Annex.

Purpose and General Information

Each year, the government prepares Estimates in support of its request to Parliament for authority to spend public funds. This request for spending authority is formalized through the introduction of appropriation bills in Parliament. The Main Estimates and Supplementary Estimates are tabled in the House of Commons by the President of the Treasury Board and support Parliament's consideration of the appropriation bills. As with other bills, appropriation bills become law after being approved by both the House of Commons and the Senate and receiving Royal Assent.

The purpose of Supplementary Estimates is to present to Parliament information on the Government of Canada's spending requirements which were either not sufficiently developed in time for inclusion in the Main Estimates, or have subsequently been refined to account for developments in particular programs and services. Also included for Parliament's information and eventual approval through an Appropriation Bill are such items as: transfers of money between Votes; debt deletion; loan guarantees; new or increased grants; and changes to Vote wording.

Supplementary Estimates documents are tabled in Parliament in advance of the related Appropriation Bill that, when approved, provides the necessary authority for the Government of Canada to spend monies from the Consolidated Revenue Fund to deliver its programs and services. This provides the various Standing Committees of Parliament with time to review proposed spending before the introduction of the Appropriation Bill.

Supplementary Estimates also provide updated information on changes to expenditure forecasts of major statutory items for information purposes only. These expenditures already have legislative authority and so will not appear in the Appropriation Bill related to these Supplementary Estimates but are available online.

It is the practice to table a Supplementary Estimate for each of the three Parliamentary Supply periods ending June 23, December 10, and March 26. These Supplementary Estimates (B) are the second of three Supplementary Estimates planned for this fiscal year.

Summary of Estimates

Estimates to date 2013–14

The 2013–14 Main Estimates were tabled on February 25, 2013, supporting the government's request to Parliament for authority through annual appropriations to spend $87.1 billion in voted budgetary expenditures and $71.1 million in voted non-budgetary expenditures and presenting information on the statutory amounts of $165.5 billion in budgetary expenditures and $41.0 billion in net non-budgetary recoveries. Royal Assent for Appropriation Act No. 1, 2013–14 was granted on March 27, 2013 and provided interim supply to departments, organizations and appropriation-dependent Crown Corporations until the end of June 2013. Royal Assent for Appropriation Act No. 2, 2013–14 was granted on June 19, 2013 and provided supply for the remaining amounts presented in Main Estimates.

Supplementary Estimates (A) were tabled on May 10, 2013 and provided information in support of requests for Parliament's approval of $1.1 billion in voted appropriations which represented an increase of 1.3% over Main Estimates. Information related to an increase of $8.2 million in forecast budgetary statutory expenditures was also presented. Royal Assent for Appropriation Act No. 3, 2013–14 was granted on June 19, 2013.

The Supplementary Estimates (B), 2013–14 provide information in support of $5.4 billion in voted appropriations which represent an increase of 6.2% over Main Estimates. As was the case in Supplementary Estimates (A), items announced in Budget 2013 are identified in these Supplementary Estimates. Future Estimates documents will include other planned expenditures announced in the 2013 Budget.

Figure 1. Comparison of Estimates, Supply and Expenditures - Budgetary

The following chart shows a breakdown of budgetary net voted and statutory expenditures as compared to previous Supply and actual expenditures.

Figure 2. Comparison of Estimates, Supply and Expenditures - Non-budgetary

The following chart shows a breakdown of non-budgetary net voted and statutory expenditures as compared to previous Supply and actual expenditures.

Table 1. Comparison of Estimates, Supply and Expenditures (dollars)
Department, Agency or Crown corporation 2011–12 Expenditures 2012–13 Estimates to date Authorities To Date These Supplementary Estimates Proposed Authorities
Voted 89,717,871,422 98,650,444,891 88,987,885,046 5,414,820,583 94,402,705,629
Statutory 158,125,684,342 160,375,782,935 165,495,327,946 5,455,830 165,500,783,776
Total Budgetary 247,843,555,764 259,026,227,826 254,483,212,992 5,420,276,413 259,903,489,405
Voted 487,450,200 79,403,008 71,103,003 1 71,103,004
Statutory 61,600,473,581 (1,720,777,269) (41,024,336,315) 0 (41,024,336,315)
Total Non-Budgetary 62,087,923,781 (1,641,374,261) (40,953,233,312) 1 (40,953,233,311)


  1. Budgetary expenditures include the cost of servicing the public debt; operating and capital expenditures; transfer payments to other levels of government, organizations or individuals; and payments to Crown corporations.
  2. Non-Budgetary expenditures (loans, investments and advances) are outlays that represent changes in the composition of the financial assets of the Government of Canada.
  3. Voted Appropriations are those for which parliamentary authority is sought through an Appropriation Bill.
  4. Statutory Expenditures are those authorized by Parliament through enabling legislation and for which forecasts are provided for information purposes.
Table 2. Supplementary Estimates as part of total Estimates, 2013–14 Estimates (dollars)
Department, Agency or Crown corporation Main Estimates Supplementary A Supplementary B Supplementary C Total
Voted 87,058,771,051 1,103,446,635 5,414,820,583 0 93,577,038,269
Statutory 165,476,286,408 8,153,662 5,455,830 0 165,489,895,900
Total Budgetary 252,535,057,459 1,111,600,297 5,420,276,413 0 259,066,934,169
Voted 71,103,003 0 1 0 71,103,004
Statutory (41,024,336,315) 0 0 0 (41,024,336,315)
Total Non-Budgetary (40,953,233,312) 0 1 0 (40,953,233,311)

Changes to the presentation of Supplementary Estimates

Several changes have been made to the presentation of the Main and Supplementary Estimates documents in 2013–14 to increase the amount of information provided and improve the usability of the overall publication.

In both the published books and the on-line tables, departments and agencies are presented alphabetically according to the legal name of the department or agency, making it easier to find particular organizations in the printed or electronic versions of the document. Presentation by Portfolio or Ministry has been maintained for the Proposed Schedules to the Appropriation Bill.

The 2013–14 Program Alignment Architecture is used for the tables which present information by Strategic Outcome and Program. If there has been a change in the Architecture, amounts for previous years have not been reclassified to the new structure and are reported as “Funds not allocated to the 2013–14 Program Alignment Architecture”.

The Estimates documents are prepared to support Appropriation Bills. Other changes have been made to focus on the items in the Proposed Schedules to the Appropriation Bill:

Major Items

The following section provides an overview of major voted initiatives included in these Supplementary Estimates in support of Parliamentary approval.

Treasury Board Secretariat $955.0 million

Paylist Requirements – Funding for allocations to eligible departments and agencies for the payment of accumulated severance pay benefits

Funding will be used to reimburse departments, agencies and Crown corporations for severance pay benefits. Under recent collective agreements, affected employees will no longer accumulate severance pay in cases of resignation and retirement. Severance benefits accumulated up to the signature of the applicable collective agreement are payable to the employee upon request. Eligible expenditures will be reimbursed through a direct transfer to departmental appropriations during the fiscal year in which such costs are actually incurred.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness $689.0 million

Increased funding for the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements contribution program

The purpose of the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA) is to provide federal government assistance to provinces and territories with response and recovery costs following significant natural disasters. The program helps return damaged public infrastructure and basic personal property for individuals and small businesses to pre-disaster condition. Funding in these Supplementary Estimates primarily relates to the $2 billion which will be provided to the province of Alberta to help with recovery costs following the June 2013 floods.

National Defence $514.3 million

Funding for implementation of the Federal Court's approved settlement of the Manuge Class Action lawsuit concerning the Pension Act offset provision contained in the Canadian Forces Service Income Security Insurance Plan – Long Term Disability Policy

This funding (which includes $506.6 million of unspent funds from 2012–13) will support the implementation of the Federal Court's April 2013 approved settlement of the Manuge Class Action. The funds will be paid to Manulife Canada and distributed to those eligible under the terms of the settlement.

Indian Affairs and Northern Development $472.2 million

Funding for the continuation of the implementation of Justice at Last: Specific Claims Action Plan (Budget 2013)

The Justice At Last initiative (2007) provided for the accelerated resolution of specific claim settlements with First Nations. Specific claims are negotiated settlements in order to compensate First Nations for losses incurred as a result of the improper administration of land and other First Nation assets, or for the non-fulfillment of Indian treaties. Renewal of this initiative provides operational funding to continue support ($22.2 million) for research, assessment, negotiation, and litigation activities for specific claims cases. In addition, funding ($450 million) is also for compensation to First Nations in anticipation of future specific claims settlements.

National Defence $400.0 million

Funding to support the ongoing implementation of the Canada First Defence Strategy

The Department of National Defence will continue to support the new and enhanced capabilities associated with the Canada First Defence Strategy, such as readiness (i.e. the cost of being ready to deploy troops and equipment – e.g. joint and north training exercises), the sustainment of new equipment such as Chinook helicopters.

Health $285.5 million

Funding to support First Nations and Inuit Health Programs and Services (Budget 2013)

The federal government provides a range of primary care services in remote and isolated First Nations and Inuit communities, on-reserve public health services, and non-insured health benefits to all eligible First Nations and Inuit. Funding is to support operational requirements for program delivery, including provision for supplemental health benefits, primary health care services in remote communities, and support for mental health and addictions services. Funds are also to support investments in the continued expansion of e-health infrastructure in remote communities and to facilitate national accreditation standards for First Nation and Inuit health care organizations.

Treasury Board Secretariat 275.0 million

Additional Requirements for the Operating Budget Carry Forward

The Operating Budget Carry Forward provides departments with the capability to carry forward a limited amount of unused operating funds into the next fiscal year, thereby enhancing financial flexibility in the management of government programs. Upon approval by Parliament, the incremental funding in the central Vote for Operating Budget Carry Forward will be allocated among departments.

National Defence $164.7 million

Funding for the definition phase of the Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship and implementation of the Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship infrastructure projects

The Department of National Defence will build 6 to 8 ships that can operate in newly formed ice at a total cost of up to $3.1 billion. This year's funding will address the definition phase and infrastructure implementation. The definition phase includes ship design and production engineering, and infrastructure implementation including upgrades at the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, the Canadian Forces Base Halifax and the establishment of an Arctic berthing and refuelling facility in Nanisivik, Nunavut.

Office of Infrastructure of Canada $132.4 million

Funding to meet the government's commitments to the Gas Tax Fund to support environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure projects that contribute to cleaner air, cleaner water and reduced greenhouse gas emissions

The Gas Tax Fund provides predictable and long-term funding in support of environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure, such as: public transit; drinking water; wastewater infrastructure; green energy; solid waste management; local roads and bridges.

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development $120.0 million

Funding to allow for a quick response to major international disasters and crises

This funding will allow the Government of Canada to respond quickly to major unforeseen international crises such as natural disasters, humanitarian crises, and conflicts. The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development coordinates the whole-of-government response to catastrophic events and provides financial support for a range of food and non-food humanitarian assistance activities that respond to the immediate needs of individuals and communities in crisis.

VIA Rail Canada Inc. $97.9 million

Funding to address capital requirements (Budget 2013)

This funding will support the corporation's capital requirements in 2013–2014 for work related to bridge rehabilitation, signalling systems, equipment contracts, track improvements, station repairs and information technology projects. The investments will enhance the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of VIA Rail Canada Inc.'s operations.

Treasury Board Secretariat $94.1 million

Compensation adjustments – Transfers to departments and agencies for salary adjustments

Funding will be used to compensate departments, agencies and appropriation dependent Crown corporations for the impact of collective bargaining agreements and other related adjustments to terms and conditions of service or employment. The costs result from agreements signed between April 1 and July 31, 2013.

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development $90.0 million

Funding for humanitarian assistance in response to the Syrian crisis

This funding will support experienced humanitarian organizations operating in Syria and in refugee-hosting countries including United Nations agencies, the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and non-governmental organizations. Canada's support will be used by these organizations to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance including food, clean water and sanitation, emergency health care, shelter, and protection for populations affected by the Syrian crisis.

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development $85.8 million

Funding for the Global Peace and Security Fund and the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force

The Global Peace and Security Fund (the Fund) and the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force provides funding for international assistance programming in fragile and conflict-affected states. Initiatives funded through the Fund include deployment of Canadian police and civilian experts, projects aimed at ensuring stability and security and advancing democracy in regions and countries such as the Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, Burma, Mali and various countries in Latin America. The current funding level for the program is $133.0 million. The department is requesting $85.8 million of this amount through Supplementary Estimates (B). Any further requirements will be sought through Supplementary Estimates (C) or funded from existing reference levels.

Indian Affairs and Northern Development $60.1 million

Funding for out-of-court settlements

These funds will be directed towards concluding and executing four settlement agreements with First Nation parties. Together, these settlements reflect Canada's ongoing commitment to resolving outstanding grievances with First Nations through negotiation, rather than litigation, where possible.

Table 4. Major net changes to individual Votes in these Supplementary Estimates
Organization Vote Number and Description Amount ($) Increase/decrease as a percentage of Proposed Authorities to date
Treasury Board Secretariat

Vote 30b – Paylist Requirements

955,000,000 61.4 
National Defence

Vote 1b – Operating expenditures

770,150,606 5.7 
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Vote 5b – Grants and contributions

688,902,130 69.6 
Indian Affairs and Northern Development

Vote 10b – Grants and contributions

505,915,598 7.4 
Treasury Board Secretariat

Vote 25b – Operating Budget Carry Forward

448,912,689 27.2 
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development

Vote 10b – Grants and contributions

245,514,210 26.1 
Office of Infrastructure of Canada

Vote 5b – Contributions

224,471,968 5.5 

Vote 10b – Grants and contributions

208,428,875 12.8 
Treasury Board Secretariat

Vote 33 – Capital Budget Carry Forward

(173,912,689) (40.8)
VIA Rail Canada Inc.

Vote 60b – Payments to VIA Rail Canada Inc.

152,600,000 44.8 

Changes to the structure of Government reflected in these Supplementary Estimates

Pursuant to the Public Service Rearrangement and Transfer of Duties Act, the Government announced the following changes which are displayed in these Supplementary Estimates:

Order in Council P.C. 2013-0341 transfers to the Public Health Agency of Canada the control and supervision of the portion of the federal public administration in the Department of Health known as the Travelling Public Program Unit, effective April 1, 2013.

Order in Council P.C. 2013-0343 transfers (1) to the Minister of Health certain powers, duties and functions of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food set out in section 160 of the Health of Animals Regulations; and (2) from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to the Public Health Agency of Canada the control and supervision of that portion of the federal public administration known as the Domestic Terrestrial Animal Pathogen Unit, effective April 1, 2013.

Order in Council P.C. 2013-0540 transfers the control and supervision of certain portions of the federal public administration in Passport Canada from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration and to the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development, effective July 2, 2013.

Order in Council P.C. 2013-0639 transfers from the Department of Industry the control and supervision of that portion of the federal public administration in the Department of Industry known as Canada Business Ontario, effective June 6, 2013.

Pursuant to a decision by "The Executive" to position the Office of Infrastructure of Canada in a separate Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs portfolio, Order in Council P.C. 2013-0869 transfers to the President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada the control and supervision of the portion of the federal public administration known as the Office of Infrastructure of Canada, effective July 15, 2013.

Order in Council P.C. 2013-1052 transfers from the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food to the Minister of Health, all of the powers, duties and functions under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act, except the powers, duties or function under subsection 4(2) of that Act, effective October 7, 2013.

The Economic Action Plan 2013 Act, No 1 states that the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade will continue its operations under the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development and that the Canadian International Development Agency is amalgamated with Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, effective June 26, 2013.

Changes to voted and statutory authorities included in these Supplementary Estimates:

Changes to authorities sought through these Supplementary Estimates include Votes and Statutory items that contain specific authorities that differ from those included in the 2013–14 Main Estimates and Supplementary Estimates (A), 2013–14, as well as new expenditure authorities. Vote wording of new vote authorities are indicated in the table called "Annex – Items for inclusion in the Proposed Schedules to the Appropriation Bill" found at the end of this publication. Consistent with a 1981 ruling by the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Government has made a commitment that the only legislation that will be enacted through the Estimates process, other than cases specifically authorized by Statute, will be the amendment to previous Appropriation Acts.

New vote authorities sought by:

The following vote wording (underscore) has been amended since Supplementary Estimates (A), 2013–14:

New statutory authorities included in these Supplementary Estimates are:

The following statutory wording (underscore) has been amended since Supplementary Estimates (A), 2013–14:

Estimates by Organization

135 organizations are represented in the 2013–14 Estimates. Of these, 62 organizations have identified additional requirements as part of these Supplementary Estimates.

Table 5. Estimates by Organization (dollars)
Department, Agency or Crown corporation 2011–12 Expenditures 2012–13 Estimates to date Authorities To Date These Supplementary Estimates Proposed Authorities
Agriculture and Agri-Food 2,557,654,625 2,788,176,187 2,502,784,791 4,943,621 2,507,728,412
Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada 3,463,838 9,367,966 0 0 0
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency 330,453,781 323,175,897 303,687,939 5,400,621 309,088,560
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited 719,031,083 619,860,095 471,362,637 15,619,900 486,982,537
Auditor General 89,811,920 84,323,221 88,158,626 0 88,158,626
Canada Border Services Agency 1,835,296,950 2,037,698,000 2,059,337,813 82,868,565 2,142,206,378
Canada Council for the Arts 181,417,816 181,367,817 180,260,816 127,001 180,387,817
Canada Industrial Relations Board 13,698,924 12,993,896 14,125,179 0 14,125,179
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2,048,258,589 2,139,812,000 2,100,578,000 0 2,100,578,000
Canada Post Corporation 22,210,000 22,210,000 22,210,000 0 22,210,000
Canada Revenue Agency 4,351,291,626 4,626,608,000 4,577,740,472 0 4,577,740,472
Canada School of Public Service 125,940,826 101,095,613 98,734,271 0 98,734,271
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority 515,006,000 576,397,810 598,286,200 0 598,286,200
Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal 1,283,192 2,059,543 0 0 0
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1,134,319,060 1,106,519,060 1,064,769,060 0 1,064,769,060
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety 5,290,324 4,984,002 5,417,323 0 5,417,323
Canadian Commercial Corporation 15,481,540 15,481,540 15,481,540 0 15,481,540
Canadian Dairy Commission 4,479,524 3,935,119 3,985,810 0 3,985,810
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 29,558,489 29,642,248 32,061,839 0 32,061,839
Canadian Food Inspection Agency 737,696,357 728,297,262 718,184,108 39,933,386 758,117,494
Canadian Grain Commission 34,820,012 32,248,237 37,393,652 175,001 37,568,653
Canadian Heritage 1,308,491,904 1,251,498,074 1,324,779,372 526,993 1,325,306,365
Canadian Human Rights Commission 24,262,323 23,086,498 23,430,254 0 23,430,254
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal 5,239,794 4,510,620 4,726,616 0 4,726,616
Canadian Institutes of Health Research 1,009,091,392 1,003,614,375 981,806,744 16,142,147 997,948,891
Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat 5,560,612 6,614,730 6,035,504 0 6,035,504
Canadian International Development Agency 3,927,263,547 3,631,036,803 663,262,297 0 663,262,297
Canadian International Trade Tribunal 10,528,906 11,195,292 10,326,284 0 10,326,284
Canadian Museum for Human Rights 21,798,633 56,700,000 31,700,000 0 31,700,000
Canadian Museum of Civilization 65,198,130 63,360,382 57,418,730 0 57,418,730
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 13,824,600 9,950,000 18,450,000 0 18,450,000
Canadian Museum of Nature 28,591,766 33,134,904 26,393,567 0 26,393,567
Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency 48,599,691 54,135,363 52,457,009 0 52,457,009
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 136,069,164 132,760,244 134,277,342 2,835,694 137,113,036
Canadian Polar Commission 1,263,210 1,301,212 2,584,573 0 2,584,573
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission 15,682,950 13,981,595 13,551,406 1 13,551,407
Canadian Security Intelligence Service 539,885,697 519,019,262 531,250,596 3,958,967 535,209,563
Canadian Space Agency 409,135,515 363,375,248 510,599,068 0 510,599,068
Canadian Tourism Commission 82,033,975 72,032,802 57,832,802 0 57,832,802
Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board 31,793,781 30,053,968 30,372,201 941,222 31,313,423
Canadian Transportation Agency 29,307,687 27,279,376 29,640,224 0 29,640,224
Chief Electoral Officer 349,351,995 136,222,633 117,329,160 0 117,329,160
Citizenship and Immigration 1,583,490,747 1,564,139,949 1,749,499,254 (12,486,712) 1,737,012,542
Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs 471,183,153 485,478,149 498,154,493 0 498,154,493
Communications Security Establishment 251,856,580 415,648,977 439,349,269 21,538,711 460,887,980
Copyright Board 2,541,273 3,118,008 3,127,995 0 3,127,995
Correctional Service of Canada 2,666,854,106 3,026,031,206 2,828,578,550 4,661,264 2,833,239,814
Courts Administration Service 73,222,412 67,857,794 70,835,786 0 70,835,786
Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec 305,920,895 308,906,006 257,089,807 50,803,393 307,893,200
Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation 77,191,000 60,667,000 51,763,000 1,085,000 52,848,000
Environment 1,008,476,256 1,040,947,947 1,010,103,003 (1,111,997) 1,008,991,006
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario 230,459,808 261,156,578 226,817,973 19,832,000 246,649,973
Finance 84,141,930,000 85,112,119,494 87,618,972,531 (548,385,999) 87,070,586,532
Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada 59,228,080 54,043,613 53,424,087 0 53,424,087
First Nations Statistical Institute 3,957,000 5,000,000 0 0 0
Fisheries and Oceans 1,880,882,767 1,754,140,168 1,780,076,317 118,797,016 1,898,873,333
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development 2,482,465,566 2,637,360,384 4,880,388,375 292,068,620 5,172,456,995
Governor General 21,727,391 19,783,369 20,353,692 0 20,353,692
Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission 4,530,969 4,542,751 0 0 0
Health 3,786,299,686 3,656,003,745 3,407,582,468 395,741,753 3,803,324,221
House of Commons 427,234,906 463,022,489 428,770,693 15,308,160 444,078,853
Human Resources and Skills Development 45,953,451,887 48,796,702,019 50,564,504,544 64,366,653 50,628,871,197
Immigration and Refugee Board 140,808,624 145,279,223 128,934,388 0 128,934,388
Indian Affairs and Northern Development 7,880,883,137 8,385,548,115 8,109,787,670 604,417,159 8,714,204,829
Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission 19,245,153 7,704,000 12,987,097 62,001 13,049,098
Industry 1,446,710,180 1,472,874,647 1,209,340,911 101,598,081 1,310,938,992
International Development Research Centre 237,907,649 241,646,094 225,390,066 0 225,390,066
International Joint Commission (Canadian Section) 8,051,096 6,675,802 7,277,141 0 7,277,141
Justice 745,007,765 718,021,067 705,110,153 10,942,815 716,052,968
Library and Archives of Canada 112,021,363 118,368,443 103,629,456 0 103,629,456
Library of Parliament 41,307,604 44,466,056 42,949,558 0 42,949,558
Marine Atlantic Inc. 183,290,595 185,376,000 154,430,000 0 154,430,000
Military Grievances External Review Committee 6,397,011 6,672,105 6,998,113 0 6,998,113
Military Police Complaints Commission 4,922,920 8,588,946 5,775,518 5,305,896 11,081,414
National Arts Centre Corporation 35,781,174 35,706,175 33,796,174 325,001 34,121,175
National Battlefields Commission 9,804,355 9,244,466 8,945,646 660,000 9,605,646
National Capital Commission 107,486,096 125,555,836 121,419,836 0 121,419,836
National Defence 20,218,757,861 20,678,142,610 18,086,028,654 693,654,855 18,779,683,509
National Energy Board 64,375,613 64,977,944 63,469,621 12,380,000 75,849,621
National Film Board 66,852,578 66,782,204 66,321,390 0 66,321,390
National Gallery of Canada 49,586,146 48,206,120 43,426,120 0 43,426,120
National Museum of Science and Technology 30,304,286 28,946,341 26,491,340 0 26,491,340
National Research Council of Canada 698,503,582 852,290,714 820,351,302 67,627,236 887,978,538
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy 5,363,797 5,240,430 0 0 0
Natural Resources 3,352,172,605 2,489,414,620 2,819,375,162 1,921,182 2,821,296,344
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council 1,085,737,592 1,073,777,500 1,051,739,021 14,039,340 1,065,778,361
Northern Pipeline Agency 2,107,613 3,225,320 3,123,930 0 3,123,930
Office of Infrastructure of Canada 4,540,110,273 5,309,080,822 3,927,456,080 224,462,041 4,151,918,121
Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying 4,861,590 4,628,368 4,595,575 0 4,595,575
Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages 22,355,036 20,611,145 24,779,211 0 24,779,211
Office of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner 1,942,428 2,394,596 2,211,412 0 2,211,412
Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner 6,637,861 7,132,288 7,035,401 0 7,035,401
Office of the Co-ordinator, Status of Women 29,434,826 29,755,112 30,079,470 1,600,000 31,679,470
Office of the Correctional Investigator 4,936,667 4,654,003 4,881,453 0 4,881,453
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 156,443,650 175,056,637 169,389,820 3,777,349 173,167,169
Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner 5,665,863 5,656,072 5,929,549 0 5,929,549
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (12,604,812) 909,369 909,369 0 909,369
Offices of the Information and Privacy Commissioners of Canada 38,790,696 36,313,667 44,796,897 0 44,796,897
Old Port of Montreal Corporation Inc. 30,373,000 25,173,000 24,472,000 0 24,472,000
Parks Canada Agency 678,011,905 749,129,989 743,692,029 26,425,484 770,117,513
Parole Board of Canada 52,188,432 51,391,414 50,957,035 0 50,957,035
Patented Medicine Prices Review Board 11,754,375 11,832,395 11,328,054 0 11,328,054
PPP Canada Inc. 287,700,000 287,700,000 265,200,000 0 265,200,000
Privy Council 155,429,813 132,867,054 128,944,303 1,184,966 130,129,269
Public Appointments Commission Secretariat 135,080 1,067,672 0 0 0
Public Health Agency of Canada 636,499,537 617,966,996 603,988,653 35,028,508 639,017,161
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness 401,564,796 622,603,292 678,317,254 688,902,130 1,367,219,384
Public Service Commission 105,605,883 93,550,868 94,604,211 504,001 95,108,212
Public Service Labour Relations Board 13,446,701 13,732,067 14,402,739 0 14,402,739
Public Service Staffing Tribunal 4,936,076 5,426,302 5,678,040 0 5,678,040
Public Works and Government Services 2,793,508,544 2,749,594,215 2,708,050,334 176,637,115 2,884,687,449
Registry of the Competition Tribunal 1,588,696 2,326,003 2,439,362 0 2,439,362
Registry of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal 1,686,603 1,834,080 1,916,575 0 1,916,575
Registry of the Specific Claims Tribunal 2,434,276 2,847,056 2,337,802 653,246 2,991,048
Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2,974,575,811 2,816,555,966 2,978,654,193 31,374,308 3,010,028,501
Royal Canadian Mounted Police External Review Committee 1,691,892 1,645,676 1,710,241 0 1,710,241
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Public Complaints Commission 7,880,902 8,041,947 7,166,886 4,720,278 11,887,164
Security Intelligence Review Committee 2,833,554 2,677,704 2,878,336 0 2,878,336
Senate Ethics Officer 799,442 807,297 788,294 66,000 854,294
Shared Services Canada 622,344,223 1,519,453,733 1,481,769,578 12,882,582 1,494,652,160
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council 697,853,661 696,491,418 687,040,371 6,946,917 693,987,288
Standards Council of Canada 8,059,060 9,729,000 9,729,000 0 9,729,000
Statistics Canada 744,111,844 454,681,353 424,464,027 41,623,265 466,087,292
Supreme Court of Canada 31,455,188 29,816,858 31,669,901 118,613 31,788,514
Telefilm Canada 105,667,144 105,667,144 99,622,354 0 99,622,354
The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited 13,994,307 26,224,693 13,000,000 1,338,293 14,338,293
The Jacques-Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc. 97,329,991 182,933,000 203,590,001 70,976,409 274,566,410
The Senate 89,979,680 92,215,846 92,517,029 0 92,517,029
Transport 1,281,190,965 2,090,429,453 1,558,996,003 25,228,171 1,584,224,174
Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada 1,856,205 1,661,777 1,484,116 0 1,484,116
Treasury Board Secretariat 2,504,508,177 6,639,949,859 3,976,330,370 1,770,739,453 5,747,069,823
Veterans Affairs 3,497,087,250 3,631,616,154 3,647,811,230 20,189,404 3,668,000,634
Veterans Review and Appeal Board 12,746,298 11,501,429 11,995,392 0 11,995,392
VIA Rail Canada Inc. 493,795,244 475,651,000 286,783,000 152,600,000 439,383,000
Western Economic Diversification 195,283,481 194,410,117 180,861,986 13,673,333 194,535,319
Employment Insurance Operating Account 19,677,343,025 19,618,314,602 19,956,684,127 0 19,956,684,127
Total Budgetary 247,843,555,764 259,026,227,826 254,483,212,992 5,420,276,413 259,903,489,405
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (2,973,306,859) (2,769,596,000) (41,866,564,000) 0 (41,866,564,000)
Canadian Dairy Commission 4,246,778 0 0 0 0
Canadian International Development Agency 107,870,472 95,798,812 29,291,205 0 29,291,205
Citizenship and Immigration 2,722,769 1 0 0 0
Correctional Service of Canada 313 0 0 0 0
Finance 64,011,953,162 80,888,643 2 0 2
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development 1,855,458 0 52,304,055 1 52,304,056
Human Resources and Skills Development 898,256,277 872,131,283 760,632,426 0 760,632,426
Indian Affairs and Northern Development 49,165,062 78,603,000 70,303,000 0 70,303,000
Industry 0 800,000 800,000 0 800,000
National Defence (6,970,502) 0 0 0 0
Public Works and Government Services (7,870,286) 0 0 0 0
Veterans Affairs 1,137 0 0 0 0
Total Non-budgetary 62,087,923,781 (1,641,374,261) (40,953,233,312) 1 (40,953,233,311)

Horizontal Items

A horizontal initiative is an initiative in which partners from two or more organizations have established a formal funding agreement (e.g. Memorandum to Cabinet, Treasury Board submission, federal-provincial agreement) to work toward the achievement of shared outcomes. This table provides a summary of those items for which funding is sought in Supplementary Estimates. It also provides an overview of initiatives related to Supplementary Estimates in then current fiscal year where two or more organizations are seeking incremental funding increases.

Table 6. Horizontal Items (dollars)
Organization Amount
Funding to support the collection and sharing of entry/exit information under the Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness Action Plan
The Canada Border Services Agency and Citizenship and Immigration Canada will implement the Entry/Exit project that will improve border integrity and immigration security through the systematic collection of basic traveller information upon entry into, and exit from, Canada's land and air borders.
Canada Border Services Agency 47,923,399
Citizenship and Immigration 1,246,181
Total 49,169,580
Funding to support the rehabilitation and improvement of existing community infrastructure
The Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund supports repairs and improvements to existing facilities and infrastructure assets, and the program is delivered by the regional development agencies. Projects are cost-shared in partnership with municipalities, community organizations and not-for-profit entities.
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency 4,407,000
Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec 13,800,000
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario 19,830,000
Western Economic Diversification 4,299,333
Total 42,336,333
Funding to modernize the federal government system for pay administration services
The Pay Modernization project will replace the 40 year-old pay system with commercial off-the-shelf technology and streamline and modernize business processes for 108 departments and agencies which use the Public Works and Government Services pay system.
Public Works and Government Services 39,044,356
Shared Services Canada 2,205,718
Total 41,250,074
Funding for case-management systems and training for on-reserve Income Assistance clients
This funding will ensure that young adult recipients of on-reserve Income Assistance have the incentives to participate in the training necessary for them to gain employment. The new First Nations Job Fund will fund the provision of personalized job training to these recipients. Funding will be also provided to First Nations communities to create the service delivery infrastructure necessary, including counseling support, to effectively support and ensure compliance among on-reserve Income Assistance recipients.
Human Resources and Skills Development 11,885,854
Indian Affairs and Northern Development 20,600,000
Total 32,485,854
Funding to continue enhancing the ability to prevent, detect and respond to food-borne illness outbreaks
This funding will allow the participating organizations, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, to continue implementing the federal government's plan to minimize food-borne health risks and improve rapid response capacity in the event of a food safety outbreak. Key components include: maintaining inspectors who test for listeria in ready-to-eat meat processing facilities; increased training for meat inspectors; upgrades in inspector tools such as laptops; improved test detection methods for listeria and improved health risk assessment capacity; strengthened surveillance and outbreak detection capability; increased inter-agency coordination; and maintaining the food safety web portal that informs Canadians on food safety related issues.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency 14,654,001
Health 3,612,986
Public Health Agency of Canada 6,224,450
Total 24,491,437
Funding related to government advertising programs
Advertising funding supports advertising initiatives which provide information to Canadians on a variety of government programs and services. In Supplementary Estimates (B) 2013–14, new funding will support a campaign entitled "Remembrance Vignette (Canada's Veterans, Brave and Proud, the Legacy of a Nation)".
Supplementary Estimates (A), 2013–14
Canadian Heritage 500,000
Health 5,000,000
Human Resources and Skills Development 2,500,000
Natural Resources 12,000,000
Total 20,000,000
Supplementary Estimates (B), 2013–14
Veterans Affairs 4,000,000
Cumulative Total for 2013–14 24,000,000
Funding to strengthen the prevention, preparedness and response regime to oil spills from ships
Canada's marine oil spill prevention, preparedness and response regime is administered by the departments of Transport, Fisheries and Oceans and Environment, with additional support coming from other departments and agencies. This funding will improve prevention and response capability through activities such as: a tanker safety review panel, a national risk assessment, the updating of charts and navigation systems; as well as research to better understand how non-conventional petroleum products may react in Canadian waters.
Environment 2,595,969
Fisheries and Oceans 7,696,180
Transport 10,877,019
Total 21,169,168
Funding to streamline government import regulations and border processes for commercial trade
Under the Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness Action Plan, the Single Window Initiative was identified as a joint priority that will facilitate trade and align regulatory approaches. The initiative will significantly reduce the paperwork burden by allowing commercial importers to provide all the required import information electronically through a single window to Canada Border Services Agency. Canada Border Services Agency will then transmit this information to those departments which regulate the goods being imported.
Canada Border Services Agency 4,936,076
Canadian Food Inspection Agency 2,169,667
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 763,141
Environment 1,684,658
Fisheries and Oceans 287,946
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development 380,299
Health 4,011,142
Natural Resources 769,891
Public Health Agency of Canada 1,270,050
Total 16,272,870
Funding to combat human smuggling
This funding will permit the continuation of a coordinated Canadian effort to prevent human smuggling. It will also foster the collaboration of foreign countries by enhancing their capacity to detect and disrupt human smuggling activities.
Citizenship and Immigration 3,000,000
Communications Security Establishment 700,000
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development 6,985,925
Privy Council 1,224,087
Total 11,910,012
To implement the Electronic Travel Authorization system, in support of the Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness Action Plan
The Electronic Travel Authorization system will allow advance screening of potential travellers from countries whose citizens do not require a visa. Under this system, Canada can determine the admissibility or inadmissibility of individuals before they travel to Canada. U.S. citizens would be exempt from this requirement (just as Canadians are exempt from a similar U.S. system).
Citizenship and Immigration 8,606,200
Shared Services Canada 815,320
Total 9,421,520
Funding to implement initiatives and enhancements related to the Trusted Trader and Trusted Traveller programs as outlined in the Beyond Border Action Plan
The Trusted Trader and Trusted Traveller programs support the free flow of low-risk persons and goods across the border. By reducing the time spent on processing trusted traders and travellers, resources may be re-directed towards travellers and goods of high or unknown risk. This funding will support the harmonization and enhancement of the programs, including increasing the number of, and access to, Canadian FAST and NEXUS lanes.
Canada Border Services Agency 7,841,554
Canadian Food Inspection Agency 208,517
Total 8,050,071
Funding to support the planning, design and implementation of the TBS Workspace Renewal Project
Treasury Board Secretariat offices are being consolidated from nine locations into two locations in downtown Ottawa. The current funding will support client accommodations costs related to the move to 90 Elgin only, given that the second location has yet to be confirmed. These costs include project management, furnishing, fixtures and equipment, special purpose space and audio-visual equipment, as well as security and information technology infrastructure. The new office spaces will conform to new (Workplace 2.0) standards and will reduce the department's overall real property footprint by 30%.
Shared Services Canada 2,896,545
Treasury Board Secretariat 4,092,118
Total 6,988,663
Funding to support conservation measures within Canada's marine based ecosystems (Health of the Oceans Initiative) (Budget 2013)
This funding will support activities which protect unique and vulnerable marine areas, and facilitate conservation and management of Canada's marine environment.
Environment 1,319,626
Fisheries and Oceans 2,860,368
Total 4,179,994

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