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Green Procurement

Meeting Policy Requirements

Has the department incorporated environmental performance considerations in its procurement decision-making processes?


Summary of initiatives to incorporate environmental performance considerations in procurement decision-making processes:

PHAC incorporated environmental considerations into key management processes and controls through the use of: SAP (Systems, applications, and products for data processing) for purchased goods and services; training requirements for Asset and Materiel Management employees; and integrating “green” objectives into the performance evaluations of managers in a procurement or materiel management role.

Results achieved:

In 2009-10, PHAC implemented key management processes and controls to support green procurement through the SAP Green Procurement Field. PHAC also established a green procurement baseline indicator for purchased goods and services, as follows:

  • 3171 Unknown Attributes;
  • 72 Environmental Attributes of Supplier;
  • 41 Uncertified Environmental Attribute;
  • 67 Certified Environmental Attribute;
  • 22 Recycled Content; and
  • 1480 No Environmental Attribute.

Of the 4,853 contracts implemented in 2009-10 for goods and services, four percent or 202 included a green component. PHAC’s objective for 2010-11 is to reduce the quantity of unknown attributes.

Seventy-three percent (8 out of 11) Asset and Materiel Management employees and 83 percent (five out of six) contracting specialists responsible for contract approbation have successfully completed the Green Procurement course from Campus Direct (C215). This will serve as a baseline for future years.

Green Procurement commitments were made for the 2010-11 performance evaluations of all managers and function heads (three employees) of procurement and materials. A baseline of 100 percent has been established.

Contributions to facilitate government-wide implementation of green procurement:

Not applicable as PHAC is not responsible under section eight of the Policy on Green Procurement.

Meeting Policy Requirements

PHAC is in the process of establishing green procurement targets that will align with the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS), which will be tabled to Parliament for approval in October 2010. Once the FSDS has been approved by Parliament, PHAC will re-evaluate the inclusion of additional targets.

Green Procurement Targets

Has the department established green procurement targets?


Summary of green procurement targets:

PHAC voluntarily established green procurement targets to compliment and contribute to meeting the goals and objectives outlined in its 2007-10 Sustainable Development Strategy. PHAC’s contribution includes:

  • Providing procurement training to 75 percent of materiel managers and integrating green procurement into training for acquisition cards by December 31, 2009;
  • Meeting the Government of Canada standards for purchase and by March 31, 2010, meet the guidelines for operations of office equipment;
  • Developing an effective, efficient and affordable green tracking system by December 31, 2009; and
  • Increasing awareness of green travel options to 50 percent of all PHAC employees by December 31, 2009.

Providing training, updating energy inefficient desktop equipment, developing a green tracking system and increasing the awareness of green travel directly contribute to a reduction in the Agency’s ecological footprint. By decreasing energy consumption, a noticeable cost-savings for the Agency is produced.

Currently, the Agency in the process of establishing green procurement targets that will align to the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS), which will be tabled to Parliament for approval in October, 2010. Once the FSDS has been approved by Parliament, PHAC will re-evaluate the inclusion of additional targets.

Results achieved:

PHAC successfully met or exceeded three out of the four targets established. By December 31, 2009, PHAC provided procurement training to 83 percent of Asset and Materiel Management Reviewers and integrated green procurement information into the training received by acquisition card holders.

In advance of the target date of March 31, 2010, the Agency successfully upgraded 100 percent of the desktop equipment to Energy Star certified products that facilitate energy efficiency, enhance cost-savings and protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.

Also in advance of the target date of December 31, 2009, PHAC completed the incorporation of a green procurement field within its SAP database to allow for reporting and monitoring on the frequency and corresponding dollar values of each attribute. Section 3 provides a breakdown of the frequencies, but the dollar values for purchased goods and services, broken down by attribute is as follows:

  • $125.7M Unknown Attributes;
  • $20.1M Environmental Attributes of Supplier;
  • $0.6M Uncertified Environmental Attribute;
  • $1.4M Certified Environmental Attribute;
  • $0.1M Recycled Content;
  • $364.6M No Environmental Attribute; and
  • $0.4M No Attribute Selected.

In 2009-10, employees reported that green travel was considered with the following frequencies:

  • Never – 12%
  • Occasionally – 28%
  • Usually – 31%
  • Always – 9%
  • I don’t know – 20%