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Learning and leadership development

Successful organizations make learning and leadership development an integral part of their business planning. Better planning and learning and leadership development will help to ensure that the Public Service continues to serve the Government and Canadians with excellence in the years ahead.

To support this aim, there are a number of public service-wide development programs available to employees.

How the Office of Chief Human Resources Officer supports organizations

Departments are primarily responsible for leadership development programs based on specific needs identified in their business plans. The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer offers a variety of programs and services to support leadership development at all levels of the Public Service:

Renewing the workforce is key for a high performing public service

Employees are responsible for their careers and their professional development. They are encouraged to connect with the networks of functional communities, where they can develop personally and professionally and work to meet their career needs and aspirations.

A commitment to renewal means a commitment to supporting and developing current employees, and to making the best possible use of the skills and talents of all.

Working with Partners

The Office of Chief Human Resources Officer will continue to collaborate with the Canada School of Public Service on initiatives devoted to improving employee learning and development and performance management.

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