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Leadership development programs

As part of the strategic review process, a horizontal review of central human resources management functions to support departments and agencies of the core public administration was conducted. In this context, a new human resources governance structure came into effect in February 2009 to rationalize and improve the management of human resources.

As such, organizations are now primarily responsible for leadership development programs based on specific needs identified in their business plans.

Public Service-Wide Development Programs

The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer offers Interchange Canada which is open to all employees in all groups and levels of the Public Service.

The Canada School of Public Service offers the following leadership development programs for managers and senior leaders.

The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer has phased out the Career Assignment Program (CAP), the Management Trainee Program (MTP), the Accelerated Economist Training Program (AETP) and the Accelerated Executive Development Program (AEXDP).

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