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Interchange Canada

Interchange Canada facilitates the temporary assignments of employees between the core public administration and other public, not-for-profit, or private sectors with the objective of:

How does Interchange Canada work?

Each Interchange Canada assignment must involve one organization in the core public administration and one organization outside of the core public administration.

Participants are sponsored by their organization. Throughout the duration of the assignment, participants will continue to receive their pay and benefits from their sponsor organization. Normally, the sponsor organization is reimbursed by the host organization for the participant's full salary and benefits covering the period of the assignment.

Who can participate?

Interchange Canada is open to employees at all groups and levels of the core public administration and to employees of other sectors, both in Canada and internationally. Organizations of all sizes and sectors are eligible to participate, including:

How are assignments initiated?

Where can I find additional information?

Who do I contact?

Employees of the core public administration are encouraged to direct questions to their departmental Interchange Canada Liaison Officer:

Departmental Liaison Officers and employees outside of the core public administration may contact Interchange Canada via Public Enquiries.

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