Table of Contents

Section I – Overview of the Agency
     Minister’s Message
     Management Representation Statement
     Raison d'être
     Organizational Information
  Program Activity Architecture Crosswalk
  Voted and Statutory Items Displayed in the Main Estimates
  Planned Spending and Full-time Equivalents
  Summary Information
  Plans and Priorities
    The Research and Innovation Environment
    Priority 1: Foster a People Advantage
    Priority 2: Foster a Knowledge Advantage
    Priority 3: Foster an Entrepreneurial Advantage
    Priority 4: Enhance Performance Measurement, Accountability and Value for Money
    Priority 5: Increase the Visibility of Canadian NSE Research
Section II – Analysis of Program Activities by Strategic Outcome
     NSERC's Program Activity Architecture
  Strategic Outcome 1.0 – People: Highly skilled science and engineering professionals in Canada
    1.1 Promote Science and Engineering
    1.2 Support Students and Fellows
    1.3 Attract and Retain Faculty
  Strategic Outcome 2.0 – Discovery: High quality Canadian-based competitive research in the natural sciences and engineering
    2.1 Fund Basic Reseach
    2.2 Support for Research Equipment and Major Resources
  Strategic Outcome 3.0 – Innovation: Productive use of new knowledge in the natural sciences and engineering
       3.1 Fund Research in Strategic Areas
    3.2 Fund University-Industry-Government Partnerships
    3.3 Support Commercialization
Section III – Supplementary Information
  Agency Links to the Government of Canada Outcomes

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