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ARCHIVED - Purchasing Activity Report for CY 2006 (to be reported in 2007)

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Annex 1 - Standing Offer or Supply Arrangement Business Volume Report (XLS)


To: Functional Heads, Finance and Administration of all Departments and Agencies

January 25 2007

Contracting Policy Notice 2007-1


For the calendar year 2006, departments/agencies are requested to submit their procurement data to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) no later than March 31, 2007.  This will enable PWGSC to produce the 2006 procurement reports on a timely basis.

Beginning in calendar year 2006, departments must provide separate data on call-ups issued in 2006 against standing offers and supply arrangements established by PWGSC. 


1.  Each year the Government publishes, on the Internet, statistics on procurement contracts awarded by departments and agencies.  The annual Purchasing Activity Report identifies the processes and tools through which government purchasing is conducted based on the Government's policy framework.

Reporting Entities

2.  Entities that must report are the contracting authorities, as defined in the Government Contracts Regulations and the Financial Administration Act (FAA):

  1. The appropriate Minister, as defined in paragraph (a), (a.1) or (b) in section 2 of the FAA, as follows:
    1. with respect to a department named in Schedule I, the Minister presiding over the department,
      • (a.1) with respect to a division or branch of the federal public administration set out in column I of Schedule I.1, the Minister set out in column II of that Schedule,
    2. with respect to a commission under the Inquiries Act, the Minister designated by order of the Governor in Council as the appropriate Minister,
  2. A departmental corporation named in Schedule II to the FAA, and
  3. The National Capital Commission (listed in Schedule III).

Authorization and Deadline

3.  In sending procurement data to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), the electronic transmittal document must indicate the name and position of the individual at the Director level who has reviewed and approved the data for release.  Otherwise, the data will be returned to the originator.  The deadline for providing the calendar year 2006 procurement data of your department/agency to PWGSC is March 31, 2007.  However, data available prior to that date should be forwarded to PWGSC immediately.  This will enable PWGSC to produce the 2006 procurement reports on a timely basis.

Reporting for 2006

4.  All reporting requirements using the 2006 version of the Datacap software of PWGSC remain the same as for calendar year 2005.  Please adhere to the following:

  1. Do notreport acquisition card transactions.  This information will be obtained from sources within the Treasury Board Secretariat. 
  2. For standing offers established by your department/agency, continue to report the estimated total call-up value (for the period of the standing offer).
  3. Do not include standing offers established by other departments or by PWGSC.
  4. Count each standing offer agreement as one data item. 

    Reporting standing offers in this manner using Datacap is required to satisfy our reporting obligation under the international trade agreements.

5.  Beginning in calendar year 2006, departments must provide separate data on call-ups issued in 2006 against standing offers and supply arrangements established by PWGSC by completing Annex 1.  Such data will assist in determining the extent of usage of standing offers and supply arrangements established by PWGSC.  Please send this data to PWGSC along with your Datacap data.  It is imperative that this data not be included within any of the five files created using Datacap, but rather reported separately using Annex 1, to avoid double counting of procurement activity.

Reporting in the Foreseeable Future

6.  In the foreseeable future, the annual procurement reporting exercise will remain separate from the quarterly requirement to disclose all procurement contracts over $10,000.  However, departments are invited to provide input to my staff on whether, in the interest of workload reduction, the two requirements should be combined, and, if so, the best way to proceed.  The contact information is in paragraph 11 below.

Reporting Process

7.  Please access PWGSC's GENet web site at:  On this web site you will find the Datacap software version 2006 with instructions on how to either

  1. download this data entry software to your personal computer, or
  2. create your own electronic ASCII text files in the required formats. 

NOTE:  Please ensure that the latest version (2006) is installed on your personal computer to submit your 2006 data.  Once these electronic files are created please send these files by e-mail to  Alternatively, you can mail your electronic files on diskette to: PWGSC, 11 Laurier Street, Phase III Floor 14A2, Gatineau, Québec K1A 0S5, attention: S. Rowe-Hanna. 

Contracting Policy Web Site

8.  Online access: All TBS publications are now available online via the TBS home page on GENet. To access this site, type the following in the address section of your World Wide Web browser:

9.  The Information Technology Services Branch manages GENet. For help in accessing it, please contact your Informatics Division or your departmental library.  The same publications are also available via the TBS home page on the Internet. The address is:

10.  You will be able to access this Contracting Policy Notice on the home page via A-Z Index.  In this page, go to Contracting.  Here, you will find a list of all Contracting Policy Notices and TB circulars still in effect.


11.  Enquiries concerning this Contracting Policy Notice may be addressed to the Investment, Project Management and Procurement Policy Division, Government Operations Sector, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat at (613) 957‑2432, by fax at (613) 952‑1381 or by e-mail at:

Original signed by

Bob Hirst
Executive DirectorAssets and Acquired Services Directorate