Directive on the Management of Projects and Programmes

The directive ensures that government projects and programmes are effectively planned, implemented, monitored, controlled and closed, so that the expected benefits and results are realized for Canadians.
Date modified: 2022-04-01

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Appendices F, G and H set out the authorities that are required from Treasury Board with respect to managing a programme. The content of the appendices has been developed based on international best practices and in consultation with pathfinder programmes in the Government of Canada context. Given that programme management is new to the Government of Canada, these appendices are a first iteration and may be revised to incorporate lessons from the management of different types of programmes across the government.

Appendix A: Mandatory Procedures for Organizational Project Management Capacity Assessments

A.1 Effective date

A.2 Procedures

  • A.2.1These procedures provide details on the requirement set out in section 4.1.10 of the Directive on the Management of Projects and Programmes.
  • A.2.2

    Mandatory procedures are as follows:

    General requirements
    • A.2.2.1All departments seeking an increase to the base project approval authority limit of $2.5 million must do so using the Organizational Project Management Capacity Assessment (OPMCA).
    What the assessment covers
    • A.2.2.2The assessment measures the capacity of a department to successfully deliver a defined volume of work over a fixed period of time.
    • A.2.2.3

      The generally accepted method to establish this volume of work is to prepare a list of all planned and active projects of $2.5 million and greater, covering the period of time for which the requested authority will be in effect.

      • A. this is not practicable, the department must meet with TBS in advance of starting the OPMCA and confirm how the volume of work will be established and communicated.
    Evidence in support of the OPMCA
    • A.2.2.4TBS must be consulted at the start of the process to confirm the evidence that will be used to support the OPMCA;
    • A.2.2.5

      Sources of evidence must include:

      • A. representative sample of recent projects;
      • A. Findings from the past three years of internal or external audits, evaluations, reports, or other findings addressing the departments project management capacity; and
      • A. Board conditions from the past three years pertaining to project management capacity.
    Submitting the OPMCA
    • A.2.2.6Submit the draft OPMCA, with its evidence, to TBS for review.
    • A.2.2.7Revise, if necessary, the OPMCA based on TBS’s feedback.
    • A.2.2.8Submit the deputy head–approved final OPMCA to TBS through the approved centralized application.
    • A.2.2.9Prepare the Treasury Board submission to seek approval of the Organizational Project Management Capacity Assessment Class.
    Changes in Organizational Project Management Capacity Assessments
    • A.2.2.10Inform TBS in a timely manner of any significant changes to the organizational project management capacity that may affect the Treasury Board approved capacity class.
    • A.2.2.11If requested by TBS, revise the OPMCA.

A.3 References

  • Guide to Using the Organizational Project Management Assessment Tool
  • Organizational Project Management Assessment Tool
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