Directive on Performance Management

This directive provides direction to head of human resources and managers on the management of employee performance in the core public administration.
Date modified: 2020-04-01

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employee (fonctionnaire)
For the purposes of this directive, a person employed in an organization for which Treasury Board is the employer, except for members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as defined in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act.
manager (gestionnaire)
For the purposes of this directive, an employee who is accountable for exercising delegated authority over human resources (i.e., staffing and/or labour relations delegation). In addition, a manager ensures that business results are delivered and that overall management functions—including recruiting, resourcing and retaining staff—are carried out.
performance management (gestion du rendement)
Helps employees understand their individual contribution to the business objectives of the government. It is a comprehensive approach that includes setting commitments, performance objectives and expected behaviours, assessing results, and providing continuous feedback and coaching. An effective performance management program aligns individual work with departmental and government–wide strategic and operational goals where strong performance is recognized and unsatisfactory performance is addressed promptly.
supervisor (superviseur)
For the purposes of this directive, an employee who has the responsibility for day–to–day supervision of other employees, e.g., assign work, set priorities, assess performance, and approve or recommend approval of leave.
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