Procedures for Liaison with Private Contractors

Complements occupational health and safety procedures, and provides a basis for the development by departments and agencies of detailed internal processes, as required, for dealing with outside contractors.
Date modified: 1992-02-01

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  • 1. The purpose of these procedures are to clarify the relationships which should exist between departments and private contractors, where the occupational health or safety of individuals may be adversely affected by activities of private contractors during construction, renovation, maintenance or any other operations, on or in Federally owned or leased premises.


  • 2. These procedures apply to all Public Service departments and agencies, as defined in Part I of Schedule I of the Public Service Staff Relations Act.


  • 3. As the work of private contractors and their employees is subject to the laws of the province or territory in which the work is being conducted, the appropriate provincial or territorial authorities have legal jurisdiction over health and safety conditions relative to such work.

Departmental responsibility

  • 4. If a departmental official becomes aware of a condition or situation arising out of the activity of a private contractor working on or in Federally owned or leased premises, which could pose a hazard to the health or safety of public servants or the general public, that official shall ensure that the appropriate details concerning the hazard are relayed immediately to the manager responsible for the letting and/or control of the contract.
  • 5. The manager responsible for the letting and/or control of the contract, after receiving the details of the dangerous condition, shall:
    1. make direct arrangements with the contractor to effect the necessary changes to assure the health and safety of those exposed; or
    2. where resolution of the situation is not achieved to the satisfaction of the manager or responsible departmental official, advise the appropriate Provincial or Territorial authority of the matter; or
    3. in extreme cases, request the assistance of federal safety officers by contacting the nearest district or regional office of Labour Canada.


This chapter replace chapter 4-5 of PMM volume 12.


Enquiries should be directed to the responsible officers in departments headquarters, who in turn, may seek interpretation from the following:

Safety, Health and Employee Services Group
General Personnel Policy Development and Compensation Division
Personnel Policy Branch
Treasury Board Secretariat

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