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The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat website will remain available until this move is complete.

IM Community

Whether it is attending events, reading up on the latest materials, or serving on a committee, being involved within the IM Community can be very useful in networking and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in Information Management.

Implementation of the GC IM Strategy is managed and coordinated through a Governance Structure. Committees which represent each area of activity as outlined in the GC IM Strategy of IM are in place.
The newest forum for creating and sharing knowledge, the GCPEDIA wiki is an easily accessible, government-wide, collaborative work environment for people employed in the gc.ca domain.
IM Forum
The IM Forum exists to strengthen collaboration and promote community involvement in developing IM initiatives.
IM Listserv
The IM Listserv is designed to help members of the IM Community share ideas, experience, expertise, and solutions on numerous IM topics.
Our team would like to be a part of your next event! Contact us to find out how. You can also find out about upcoming events occurring within in the IM Community on GCPEDIA.
Work is being done in collaboration with our partners on a number of IM-related initiatives.
Information on how to recognize those in the IM Community who are doing great work as well as a list of past award winners.
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