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Regional Federal Councils Connected Across Canada

Regional Federal Councils (RFCs) have played an important role in the provinces and territories since the 1980s. Following transformation in 2014, the RFCs were placed under the leadership and accountability of the deputy ministers of Regional Development Agencies, strengthening their role in leveraging knowledge and resources to advance federal priorities and address regional priorities.

Today, this unique network brings together senior federal officials who are responsible for programs and activities in the North, British Columbia, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. They share regional intelligence and support central agencies and deputy ministers in delivering Government of Canada priorities efficiently and effectively. Known as trusted partners, RFCs forge innovative partnerships, leverage resources, pursue creative solutions to address issues of common interest, engage with stakeholders, share knowledge, and facilitate collaboration between departments and agencies.

For more information about Regional Federal Councils, please consult the Regional Federal Councils' Website.