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Table 12: Sustainable Development Strategy

Although the Federal Sustainable Development Goals are not directly linked with the mandate of the Department, Veterans Affairs Canada remains committed to reducing our environmental footprint. In the development of the fourth round of the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS), the focus was on fewer, more manageable and realistic commitments in the areas of federal governance, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, green stewardship, quality of life, regulatory compliance, and waste and water management.

Since tabling our latest SDS, we have seen success in meeting many environmental targets and contributed to the federal SD goals of clean water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and governance for sustainable development.

  SDS Departmental Commitment Federal SD Goal (s) including Greening Government Operation (GGO) Goals (if applicable) Performance Measure Departmental Expected Result for 2007-2008 Achieved SDS Departmental Result for 2007-2008
1 100% of materiel managers and procurement personnel take green procurement training by 2010. (GGO Government-wide target) Governance for Sustainable Development Report annually on the percentage of materiel managers and procurement community trained. (GGO Government-wide performance measure) 5% of materiel managers and procurement community trained 6%
2 Quantity of green products purchased is increased by 15% Governance for Sustainable Development Report annually on the dollar value spent on green procurement (GGO Government-wide performance measure) 5% increase in green products purchased Reporting information not available
3 Conduct an analysis of paper usage and implement strategies to reduce paper usage   Decrease in quantity of paper purchased 10% reduction 4.8% reduction
4 Conduct an analysis of printer/photocopier inventory and implement strategies to pool resources and explore use of multi-functional equipment   Report annually on reduced number of non-duplex printers and photocopiers 5% reduction 43% decrease in non-duplex printers from 2005-06 (data not available for 2006-07)

All photocopiers have duplex capability
5 Reduce by 15% from 2002-2003 levels, GHG emissions per vehicle kilometre from Veterans Affairs' fleet by 2010 (GGO government-wide target) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Annual average GHG emissions per vehicle kilometre (GGO Government-wide performance measure) 5% decrease 29% decrease from 2002-03
6 All gasoline purchased for federal road vehicle will be ethanol-blended, where available (GGO government-wide target) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Percentage of litres of gasoline purchased for federal road vehicles that is ethanol-blended (GGO Government-wide performance measure) 3.2% increase 10.7% increase
7 Conduct an analysis of vehicle (fleet, personal, rental) usage by staff and implement strategies to reduce GHG emissions   Analysis has been conducted and next steps have been identified N/A Analysis has been conducted
8 In support of the overall Federal House In Order target of 31%, reduce GHG emissions by 2010 at Ste. Anne's Hospital (GGO government-wide target) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Report annually the percent reduction in GHG emissions at Ste. Anne's Hospital (GGO Government-wide performance measure) 20% reduction 34.7% reduction since 1991
9 Raise awareness on sustainable development issues and solutions through communication to all staff   Number of communications delivered to staff 24 messages
(2 per month)
17 messages
10 A high percentage of all Client Service Teams to have undergone certification through Veterans Affairs Canada's National Certification Program by 2010   Report annually on percentage of Client Service Teams that have undergone certification 17% 53.8% of Client Service Teams have undergone a certification review
11 Based on applied research evidence, implement continuing care strategies to improve supportive services for Veterans, seniors, and their families   Report annually on decisions made as a result of continuing care studies ongoing Ongoing.
This project was completed in March 2008
12 Comply with applicable Federal environmental regulatory obligations at Ste. Anne's Hospital   Increase compliance with environmental regulatory clauses 100% 100%
13 Increase amount of waste recycled by 15% at Ste. Anne's Hospital by 2009   Increase amount of material recycled at Ste. Anne's Hospital by 2009 5% increase 9% increase
14 Reduce water consumption per square foot by 5% at Ste. Anne's Hospital by 2009 Clean Water Decrease in litres of water consumed. 1% decrease 5% decrease