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Human Resources Management

The effective management of human resources is essential to the efficiency of the Public Service of Canada and the quality of services offered by the government for Canadians.

The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer (OCHRO) is the centre of expertise for human resources management in the Public Service. We develop the broad policy direction and standards that enable deputy heads to fulfill their responsibility for effective people management within their organization.

Monitoring and Reporting on People Management

Providing Guidance on Performance Management

Improving Policies and Processes

The OCHRO is undergoing a People Management Policy Review Project to help reduce reporting burden and provide deputy heads with guidance on how to make effective human resources decisions.

The OCHRO is also redefining the way that human resources business is being conducted across the Public Service through the Common Human Resources Business Process. If you’re interested in more information about the Common HR Business Process, please contact chrbp-pocrh@tbs-sct.gc.ca.

Modernizing the Public Service

The Modernizing the Public Service information hub provides the latest information and resources on the 2014 round of bargaining, as well as other initiatives underway that support a modern, high performing and affordable public service.

Working with Partners

The OCHRO works in partnership with the Human Resources Council (HRC), which is composed of the heads of human resources across the core public administration. The HRC in turn supports heads of human resources and, therefore, their deputy heads in fulfilling their responsibilities for human resources management. Through this partnership, and by engaging with functional communities and managers, we enable the sharing of ideas, best practices and lessons learned to assist departments and agencies in implementing their human resources management policies and practices.

Sharing Information

The OCHRO provides access to information sources aimed at improving managers’ understanding of HR management, and ensuring that HR practices in the public service meet Government of Canada legislative and policy requirements.

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