National joint council relocation directive – List of departmental national coordinators


Institutions starting with the letter A

Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada
Guillaume Morin
Telephone: 613-998-9600
Agriculture and Agri-Food, Department of
Yvonne Lee
Telephone: 514-315-6131
Facsimile: 514-283-1999
Karen Tam
Telephone: 514-315-6127
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Serge LeBlanc
Telephone: 506-851-2270
Facsimile: 506-851-3832
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Institutions starting with the letter C

Canada Border Services Agency
Jesse Nijimbere
Telephone: 343-551-8755
Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
Nancy Haddad
Telephone: 514-701-5789
Canada Energy Regulator
Lynn Eaglechild-Geer
Telephone: 403-919-7508
Iris Hu
Telephone: 403-617-5291
Ping Yu
Telephone: 403-605-7163
Canada School of Public Service
Anne-Marie Nyobewe
Telephone: 613-957-5428
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Carole Bériault
Telephone: 343-573-2156
Meriem Daoui
Telephone: 514-283-8888 (4448)
Darquise Labonté
Telephone: 343-540-7501
Kathleen Menegotto
Telephone: 226-217-8561
Tammy Moreira
Telephone: 226-217-8562
Mei Shi
Telephone: 226-217-8559
Canadian Grain Commission
Phillip Insisienmay
Telephone: 204-298-9329
David Peters
Telephone: 204-984-1361
Facsimile: 204-983-0248
Canadian Heritage, Department of
Louise Villeneuve
Telephone: 819-953-3970
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Michel Benoit
Telephone: 613-355-0848
Facsimile: 613-992-6313
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Tanya Guignard
Telephone: 343-552-3103
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Greg Genest
Telephone: 819-997-4299
Facsimile: 819-953-5107
Dominic Leblanc
Telephone: 819-997-9414
Facsimile: 819-953-5107
Canadian Space Agency
Stephen Ratté
Telephone: 450-926-4375
Facsimile: 450-926-4878
Canadian Transportation Agency
Melissa Loiselle
Telephone: 819-639-8134
Facsimile: 819-953-9842
Mélissa Loiselle
Telephone: 819-639-8134
Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP
Margaret Wyse
Telephone: 613-952-8035
Communications Security Establishment
Telephone: 613-991-8804
Facsimile: 613-992-8443
Correctional Service of Canada
Isabelle Jean
Telephone: 343-542-9895
Patrick LeBlanc
Telephone: 613-795-5359
Courts Administration Service
Kendra Adams
Telephone: 613-943-7126
Facsimile: 613-941-4915
Serge Philippe
Telephone: 343-540-6718
Facsimile: 613-941-4915
Marie-Andrée Vezina
Telephone: 613-995-4824
Facsimile: 613-941-4915
Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
Sonya Casselman.
Telephone: 819-271-6378
Racha Tiar.
Telephone: 873-354-5981
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Institutions starting with the letter D

Department for Women and Gender Equality
Alexis Chamard
Telephone: 819-455-2076
Chantal Laberge
Telephone: 873-455-2076
Department of Finance Canada
Yao Akogo
Telephone: 613-809-0159
Facsimile: 613-947-4461
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Linda Lai
Telephone: 613-447-5321
Winnie Liao
Telephone: 343-548-4729
Ines Ben Tahra
Telephone: 343-575-5248
Department of Justice
Carmen Larocque
Telephone: 613-948-2523
Department of National Defence
Sylvie Joly
Telephone: 613-901-6629
Cathy Kealy
Telephone: 613-901-6562
Civilian Relocation / Relocalisation civile
Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Department of Natural Resources
Marie-Eve Côté
Telephone: 819-434-3923
NRCan Relocation Unit / Unité de réinstallations RNCan
Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Department of Transport
Enquiries / Enquetes
Telephone: 613-XXX-XXXX
Liana Ocica
Telephone: 613-991-2996
Fredrick Sanscartier
Telephone: 613-990-2341
Department of Veterans Affairs
Sheena Daviau
Telephone: 705-642-6527
Janis Roswalka
Telephone: 705-668-0822
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Institutions starting with the letter E

Elections Canada
Isabelle Fortin
Telephone: 819-939-1472
Employment and Social Development Canada, Department of
Marie-Hélène Brassard
Telephone: 819-654-3558
Philippe Sarrazin
Telephone: 819-654-6311
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Samuel Bisson
Telephone: 438-817-1133
Linda Guillaume
Telephone: 438-801-0833
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Institutions starting with the letter F

Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Daria Andreev
Telephone: 519-404-7285
Zeeshan Habib
Telephone: 519-574-8502
Bill Refausse
Telephone: 705-933-9587
Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada
Enquiries / Enquetes _Finance-OPS
Telephone: 613-xxx-xxxx
Yvanne Pierre Louis
Telephone: 343-551-1346
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Institutions starting with the letter G

Global Affairs Canada
Mélissa Bélair
Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Annick Clermont
Telephone: 343-203-8010
Sylvain Mongeon
Telephone: 343-203-8024
Facsimile: 819-994-6834
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Institutions starting with the letter H

Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada
Amanda Jazzar
Telephone: 343-548-9940
Duane Wilson
Telephone: 613-948-8415
Facsimile: 613-952-0352
Heritage Canada
Jessica Dunlop
Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Louise Villeneuve
Telephone: 819-953-3970
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Institutions starting with the letter I

Immigration and Refugee Board
Michel-Wens Jean-Charles
Telephone: 613-853-9075
Facsimile: 613-670-6948
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Josée Carrière
Telephone: 873-354-2328
Marie-Josée Nerbonne
Telephone: 873-354-3407
Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
Southida Deschamps
Telephone: 343-549-5274
Kyra Landry
Telephone: 613-864-3942
Indigenous Services Canada
Sonya Casselman
Telephone: 819-271-6378
Racha Tiar
Telephone: 873-354-5981
Infrastructure Canada
Nathalie Morin
Telephone: 613-948-8729
Catherine Segat-Houle
Telephone: 343-575-9778
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Anick Bizimana
Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Debbie Hancock
Telephone: 343-998-7374
Annye Harvey
Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Milène Marengère
Telephone: 343-291-3064
Facsimile: 343-291-3294
Eric Miller
Telephone: 343-291-1680
Dana Toma
Telephone: 343-574-4180
International Joint Commission
Maxime Beauchamp
Telephone: 613-947-7460
Facsimile: 613-993-5583
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Institutions starting with the letter J

Justice, Department of
Generic Mailbox Boîte générique
Telephone: 613-957-4572
Jacynthe Gendron
Telephone: 613-850-9596
Philippe Lalonde
Telephone: 000-000-0000
Martine Lévis
Telephone: 613-957-4572
Sylvain Primeau
Telephone: 613-957-4572
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Institutions starting with the letter L

Library and Archives of Canada
Nathalie Gelinas
Telephone: 343-548-1438
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Institutions starting with the letter N

National Battlefields Commission
Louise Germain
Telephone: 418-648-7289
Facsimile: 418-648-3638
National Research Council of Canada
Marie-France Potvin
Telephone: 613-990-0451
NRC Relocation/ Réinstallation CNRC
Telephone: 613-991-2459
Facsimile: 613-941-1332
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
Geneviève Way
Telephone: 613-995-0164
Facsimile: 613-947-4466
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Institutions starting with the letter O

Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs
Errolyn Humphreys
Telephone: 613-947-8492
Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
Jean-Philippe Boyer
Telephone: 873-455-0037
Michelle Fortin
Telephone: 613-291-5902
Facsimile: 613-993-5082
Office of the Correctional Investigator
Sagar Kulkarni
Telephone: 613-996-2203
Facsimile: 613-992-8443
Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada
Michael Walsh
Telephone: 873-455-5984
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Kylee Hunt
Telephone: 819-790-8529
Robert Sabourin
Telephone: 819-773-0643
Office of the Secretary to the Governor General
Phillippe Roy-Bélisle
Telephone: 613-993-0373
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Institutions starting with the letter P

Parks Canada Agency
Cindy Larouche
Telephone: 819-420-4812
Renaud Martin-Plourde
Telephone: 819-360-6068
Parole Board of Canada
Julie Bisson
Telephone: 343-552-2473
Ken Campbell
Telephone: 613-830-5938
Meghan Crosby (Admin support)
Telephone: 613-954-7472
Parole Board of Canada Finance Helpdesk
Telephone: 000-000-0000
Facsimile: 613-946-0919
Polar Knowledge Canada
Chris Chisolm
Telephone: 867-983-5512
Kamele Isnor
Telephone: 867-391-1695
Prairies Economic Development Canada
Kevin_ Johnson
Telephone: 780-495-6057
Privy Council Office
Joanne Li
Telephone: 613-297-4559
Savita Saini
Telephone: 613-948-6664
Facsimile: 613-957-5045
Public Prosecution Service of Canada
Louis-Philippe Bellemare
Telephone: 613-697-2092
Facsimile: 613-941-9398
Vanessa Gauvreau
Telephone: 343-542-5789
Facsimile: 613-941-9398
Public Safety Canada
Aboubacar Camara
Telephone: 613-949-8584
Facsimile: 613-991-1227
Public Service Commission
Kathy Belanger
Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Public Service Commission of Canada
Catherine Bonneau-Clementi
Telephone: 819-213-9794
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Isabelle Gariépy
Telephone: 873-355-4990
Stephane Jacques
Telephone: 873-469-4243
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Institutions starting with the letter R

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Roland Gosselin
Telephone: 613-825-0185
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Institutions starting with the letter S

Shared Services Canada
France Brassard
Telephone: 873-353-9254
Alain Drouin
Telephone: 613-415-7802
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Geneviève Way
Telephone: 613-995-0164
Facsimile: 613-947-4466
Statistics Canada
Dominique Benoit
Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Lynne Major
Telephone: 343-998-8557
Facsimile: 613-951-2815
Sandra Prelorenzo
Telephone: 613-371-5968
Supreme Court of Canada
Yanie Gagnon
Telephone: 613-943-1585
Facsimile: 613-947-2860
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Institutions starting with the letter T

Transport, Department of
Brigitte Legault
Telephone: 613-993-6131
Transportation Safety Board of Canada
Marcel Cyrenne
Telephone: 819-994-8001
Facsimile: 819-953-7287
Treasury Board (Secretariat)
Cedric Manny Descombes
Telephone: 343-550-8630
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