Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form

Note: For Privacy Act Statement refer to Section C of this form and for completion instructions refer to attached instructions. Please typewrite or print in block letters.

Protected (when completed)

Office Use Only

A. Administrative Information (To be completed by the Authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Official)

Status of Request

The requested level of reliability/security check(s)

Particulars of Appointment/Assignment/Contract

If term or contract, indicate duration period

B. Biographical Information (to be completed by the applicant)


Residence (provide addresses for the last five years, starting with the most current) Home address

Residence 1

To: Present

Residence 2

Government of Canada security screening form

Have you previously completed a Government of Canada security screening form?
If yes, give name of employer, level and year of screening.

Criminal Convictions In and Outside of Canada (see instructions)

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence for which you have not
been granted a pardon?
If yes, give details.

C. Consent and Verification (To be completed by the applicant and authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Official)

Checks Required (See Instructions)






The Privacy Act Statement

The information on this form is required for the purpose of providing a security screening assessment. It is collected under the authority of subsection 7(1) of the Financial Administration Act and the Policy on Government Security (PGS) of the Government of Canada, and is protected by the provisions of the Privacy Act in institutions that are covered by the Privacy Act. Its collection is mandatory. A refusal to provide information will lead to a review of whether the person is eligible to hold the position or perform the contract that is associated with this Personnel Screening Request. Depending on the level of security screening required, the information collected by the government institution may be disclosed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), which conduct the requisite checks and/or investigation in accordance with the GSP and to entities outside the federal government (e.g. credit bureaus). It is used to support decisions on individuals working or applying to work through appointment, assignment or contract, transfers or promotions. It may also be used in the context of updating, or reviewing for cause, the reliability status, security clearance or site access, all of which may lead to a re-assessment of the applicable type of security screening. Information collected by the government institution, and information gathered from the requisite checks and/or investigation, may be used to support decisions, which may lead to discipline and/or termination of employment or contractual agreements. The personal information collected is described in Standard PIB PSU 917 (Personnel Security Screening) which is used by all government agencies, except the Department of National Defence PIB DND/PPE 834 (Personnel Security Investigation File), RCMP PIB CMP PPU 065 (Security/Reliability Screening Records), CSIS PIB SIS PPE 815 (Employee Security), and PWGSC PIB PWGSC PPU 015 (Personnel Clearance and Reliability Records) used for Canadian Industry Personnel. Personal information related to security assessments is also described in the CSIS PIB SIS PPU 005 (Security Assessments/Advice).

I, the undersigned, do consent to the disclosure of the preceding information including my photograph for its subsequent verification and/or use in an investigation for the purpose of providing a security screening assessment. By consenting to the above, I acknowledge that the verification and/or use in an investigation of the preceding information may also occur when the reliability status, security clearance or site access are updated or otherwise reviewed for cause under the Policy on Government Security. My consent will remain valid until I no longer require a reliability status, a security clearance or a site access clearance, my employment or contract is terminated, or until I otherwise revoke my consent, in writing, to the authorized security official.

Signature (hand signature only)


D. Review (To be completed by the authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Official responsible for ensuring the completion of sections A, B and C)

E. Approval (To be completed by authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Security Official only)

I, the undersigned, as the authorized security official, do hereby approve the following level of screening.

Reliability Status

Signature (hand signature only)


Security Clearance (if applicable)

Signature (hand signature only)


(for Level III T.S., and/or upon request - see photo instructions)

Instructions for Personnel Screening Consent and Authorization Form TBS/SCT 330-23E (Rev. 2002/02)

Once completed, this form shall be safeguarded and handled at the level of Protected A.


If space allotted in any portion is insufficient please use separate sheet using same format.

1. Section A (Administrative Information) Authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Official

The Official, based on instructions issued by the Departmental Security Officer, may be responsible for determining, based on five year background history, what constitutes sufficient verification of personal data, educational and professional qualifications, and employment history. References are to be limited to those provided on the application for employment or equivalent forms.

Supplemental Information Requirements

Persons who presently hold a Security Clearance and subsequently marry, remarry or commence a common-law partnership, in addition to having to update sections of the Security Clearance Form (TBS/SCT 330-60), are required to submit an original Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form, with the following parts completed:

"Other". This should be used to identify if the security screening is for Site Access, NATO, SIGINT etc.

2. Section B (Biographical Information)

To be completed by the applicant. If more space is required use a separate sheet of paper. Each sheet must be signed.

Country of Birth - For "NEW" requests, if born abroad of Canadian parents, please provide a copy of your Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad. If you arrived in Canada less than five years ago, provide a copy of the Immigration Visa, Record of Landing document or a copy of passport.

3. Section C (Consent and Verification)

A copy of Section "C" may be released to institutions to provide acknowledgement of consent.

Criminal record checks (fingerprints may be required) and credit checks are to be arranged through the Departmental Security Office or the delegated Officer.

Consent: may be given only by an applicant who has reached the age of majority, otherwise, the signature of a parent or guardian is mandatory.

The age of majority is:

The applicant will provide initials in the "applicant’s initials box".

The official who carried out the verification of the information will print their name, insert their initials and telephone number in the required space.

4. Section D (Review)

To be completed by authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Official who is responsible for ensuring the completion of sections A to C as requested.

5. Section E (Approval)

Authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Security Official refers to the individuals as determined by departments, agencies, and organizations that may verify reliability information and/or approve/not approve reliability status and/or security clearances. Approved Reliability Status and Level I, II and III, as well as the signature of the authorized security official or manager are added for Government of Canada use only. Applicants are to be briefed, acknowledge, and be provided with a copy of the "Security Screening Certificate and Briefing Form (TBS/SCT 330-47)".

Note: Private sector organizations do not have the authority to approve any level of security screening.

Photographs: Departments/Agencies/Organizations are responsible for ensuring that three colour photographs of passport size are attached to the form for the investigating agency. Maximum dimensions are 50mm x 70mm and minimum are 43mm x 54mm. The face length from chin to crown of head must be between 25mm x 35mm. The photographs must be signed by the applicant and an authorized security official. The photographs must have been taken within the last six months. It is required for new or upgrade Level III security clearances for identification of the applicant during the security screening investigation by the investigating agency. The investigating agency may in specific incidents request a photograph for a Level I or II clearances when an investigation is required.

TBS/SCT 330-23E (Rev. 2006/02)

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