Instructions for completing the Personnel Security Screening Form

Title Personnel Security Screening Form
Number (TBS/SCT 330-23)
Category Security Screening

Instructions prior to completing the form

In accordance with the Policy on Government Security, both the requirement for and the processing of a personnel security screening action must be based on a specified need. As such, please do not initiate the completion of this or any other security screening form unless this need has been identified by the federal government department/agency that requested you to complete them.

For security reasons and to ensure that your own privacy rights are being safeguarded, this security form cannot be sent electronically. It must be printed and mailed or submitted by hand directly to the federal government department/agency that requested you complete it.

Please pay special attention to obtain both the information required and carefully read the instructions provided. If necessary, please contact your Human Resources contact or security office for specifics.

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Technical assistance

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