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How to have an authentic executive talent management conversation

Step 1: Preparing for the Discussion

This is a shared responsibility. Both parties should prepare by reviewing their respective parts of the EX TM Questionnaire.
Manager's Questions Executive's Questions
  • What are the organization's priorities?
  • What skills and competencies will I need now and in the future?
  • How can I help this executive?
  • What do I want from this discussion?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses against the key leadership competencies required for the job I am in now, or the job I aspire to be in?
  • What are my career aspirations?

Step 2: Establishing Rapport

Schedule adequate time and choose the right place for your discussion. Listen actively and ask questions accordingly.
Manager's Questions Executive's Questions
  • Am I showing this executive how his/her expectations and aspirations fit within our organization?
  • Can I draw examples from my own experience?
  • Do I show that I understand the executive's needs?
  • Am I being open and honest?
  • Am I able to express my work commitments in relation to my personal commitments?
  • Do I understand how my expectations and aspirations fit with my organization?

Step 3: Sharing Information

Identify development needs and collect information on how the executive feels about their current job. Discuss feedback on strengths and weaknesses. Set objectives and priorities.
Manager's Questions Executive's Questions
  • What constructive feedback can I provide?
  • Is this Executive being challenged?
  • What information does this executive need to do their current job and to develop further in order to move forward?
  • Where does my manager think I can improve?
  • What information do I want and need to do my job? To move forward?

Step 4: Plan of Action

Conclude the conversation, agree on action(s) and schedule a follow-up discussion.
Manager's Questions Executive's Questions
  • Do I have a clear understanding of the Executive's aspirations, readiness and willingness for additional challenges?
  • Have I managed expectations and kept organizational needs in mind?
  • What is my action plan to deliver what I have promised and how will I follow up?
  • Did I share everything that I needed to in order to have a rich conversation?
  • What is my role in following up on any decisions that resulted from this conversation?
  • What is my action plan to follow up?
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