Figure 2: Program Activity Architecture for the CFIA
The CFIA’s Vision
To excel as a science-based regulator, trusted and respected by Canadians and the international community
The CFIA’s Mission
Dedicated to safeguarding Canada’s food, animals and plants, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada’s people, environment and economy
Strategic Outcome
A safe and accessible food supply and plant and animal resource base
Program Activity Expected Results GoC Outcome Areas


Food Safety
• Risks to the Canadian public associated with the food supply system are mitigated
• Domestic and imported food products are compliant with Canadian regulations and international agreements


Economic Growth

A Clean and

Animal Health
and Zoonotics
• Risks to Canadians from the transmission of animal diseases to humans are minimized
• Domestic and imported animals and animal products are compliant with Canadian regulations and international agreements
• Risks to the Canadian animal resource base are mitigated
• Effective preparedness to prevent, control, and eradicate transboundary diseases and emerging diseases
• Disease outbreaks in Canada are promptly and effectively responded to
Plant Resources

• Risks to the Canadian plant resource base from imported plants and plant products are mitigated
• Domestic plants and plants products are compliant with Canadian regulations and international agreements
• Confirmed incidences of new quarantine pests in Canada are contained and risk-mitigated (eradicated/controlled) through the issuance of Notices of Prohibition of Movement, Quanrantine, up to and including the issuance of Ministerial Orders
• Canadian exports of plants and plant products meet the country of destination regulatory requirements and Canada’s reputation is maintained

Collaboration and
• Canadian interests are reflected in science-based international rules, standards, and technical arrangements
• International markets are accessible to Canadian food, animal, plant, and their products
• International regulatory cooperation to support CFIA’s mandate

A Fair and Secure

A Prosperous
Canada through
Global Commerce

The CFIA’s Foundation
Sound Science • Effective Regulatory Base • Effective Inspection Programs • Effective Risk Management • Strong Partnerships • Transparent Timely Communications
The CFIA’s Priorities
Focus on programs • Strengthen strategic directions, performance measurement and transparency • Focus on people • Focus on stewardship
Key Risk Areas
Foodborne Hazards • Science and Technology Capacity • Information for Decision-Making • Partnerships • Internal Co-ordination • Program Framework • Animal Diseases (including Zoonotics) / Outbreaks / Incidents • Plant Pests and Diseases • Human Resources
* The Internal Services program activity supports the CFIA’s strategic outcome and all its program activities