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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Section VI: Appendix

Additional Information on RPP

For more details on program plans and priorities, please go to our website at:

For publications referred to in this report, please contact National Communications Services at telephone: (613) 993-1088, or by facsimile: (613) 993-0953.

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For further information on this report, please contact:

Paul J. Gauvin
Deputy Commissioner
Corporate Management and Comptrollership
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2
Telephone: (613) 993-3253
Facsimile: (613) 993-3770


ACIIS Automated Criminal Intelligence Information System
ACUPIES Automated Canadian/US Police Information Exchange System
ADM Assistant Deputy Minister
AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AMBER America's Missing Broadcast Emergency Response
APO Air Protection Officers
APT Aboriginal Perceptions Training
ARLU Annual Reference Level Update
ASD Alternate/Alternative Service Delivery
ASSC Administrative Shared Systems Committee
ATIP Access to Information and Privacy
BC British Columbia
BI Business Intelligence
BSC Balanced Scorecard
CACP Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
CACPP Canadian Air Carrier Protective Program
CACVM Commissioner's Advisory Committee on Visible Minorities
CAFC Canadian Firearms Centre
CANICE Canadian Internet Child Exploitation
CATSA Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
CBP/BP Customs Border Protection/Border Patrol (US)
CRBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response
CBSA Canada Border Security Agency
CCAPS Community, Contract and Aboriginal Policing Services
CCG Canadian Coast Guard 
CEP Criminal Extremist Priority
CETS Child Exploitation Tracking System
CFIS Canadian Firearms Information System
CFO Chief Firearms Officers
CFP Canadian Firearms Program
CFR Canadian Firearms Registry
CFRO Canada Firearms Registry On-line
CFSEU Combined Force Special Enforcement Unit
CIA Central Intelligence Agency (US)
CIBIN Canadian Integrated Ballistics Identification Network
CIC Citizenship and Immigration Canada
CICAD Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission
CICTE Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism
CID Criminal Intelligence Directorate
CIDA Canadian International Development Agency
CIDEC Canadian Image Databank for Exploited Children
CIO Chief Information Officer
CISC Criminal Intelligence Service Canada
CIVPOL Civilian Police
CM&C Corporate Management and Comptrollership
CNAAC Commissioner's National Aboriginal Advisory Committee
CPA Canadian Police Arrangement
CPC Canadian Police College
CPDTF Commonwealth Police Development Task Force
CPIC Canadian Police Information Centre
CPIC-R Canadian Police Information Centre Renewal
CPTSD Crime Prevention Through Social Development
CPS Central Processing Site
CPSIN Canada Public Safety Information Network
CRA Canada Revenue Agency 
CRF Consolidated Revenue Fund
CRTI CBRN Research and Technology Initiative
CSC Correctional Service of Canada
CSE Communications Security Establishment
CSIP Continuous Service Improvement Plan
CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service
CTA Community Tripartite Agreement
DARE Drug Abuse Resistance Education
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration (US)
DFAIT Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
DFO Department of Fisheries and Oceans
DIAND Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
DND Department of National Defence
DOJ Department of Justice
DPR Departmental Performance Report
DSB Departmental Security Branch
EASF Electronic Automated Search Facility
EBP Employee Benefits Plan
EE Employment Equity
EI Employment Insurance
EIRDA Export and Import of Rough Diamonds Act
EPA Expected Project Approval
ERT Emergency Response Team
ESC Electronic Supply Chain
ESR Employment Systems Review
EU European Union
FAA Financial Administration Act
FAC Foreign Affairs Canada
FAMD Forensic Accounting Management Directorate
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FINTRAC Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada
FIO Federal and International Operations
FLS Forensic Laboratory Services
FNPP First Nations Policing Program
FPS Federal Policing Services
FRT Firearms Reference Table
FTE Full-time Equivalent
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GNWT Government of the Northwest Territories
GoL Government-online
HNP Haitian National Police
HR Human Resources
HRSDC Human Resources and Skills Development Canada 
IACP International Association of Chiefs of Police
IAFIS Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System
IBET Integrated Border Enforcement Team
IBIS Integrated Ballistics Identification System
ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement (US)
ICET Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Teams
ICITAP International Criminal Intelligence Training Assistance Program
IIET Integrated Immigration Enforcement Team
IJI Integrated Justice Initiative
I&IS Information and Identification Services
IJMT Integrated Joint Management Team
IMET Integrated Market Enforcement Team
IM/IT Information Management/Information Technology
IMSWG Interdepartmental Marine Security Working Group
INAC Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
INSET Integrated National Security Enforcement Team
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization
IOS Integrated Operations/Operational Support
IPB International Peacekeeping Branch
IPM Integrated Pest Management 
IPOC Integrated Proceeds of Crime
IPPs Internationally-protected Persons
IPT Inuit Perceptions Training
IQT Integrated Query Tool
IRM Integrated Risk Management
IRPA Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
ISADE International Symposium on the Analysis and Detection of Explosives
IT Information Technology
ITC Industry and Trade Canada
ITS International Travel Section
ITSM Information technology Service Management
ITVB International Travel and Visits Branch
IVPS International Visits and Protocol Section
IWETS Interpol Weapons Electronic Tracing System
LO Liaison Officer
LTVP Long-Term Vision and Plan
M Millions
MAF Management Accountability Framework
MAFCS Management Advisory Forum on Corporate Services
MC Memorandum to Cabinet
MoA Memorandum of Agreement
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MR Management Review
MRRS Management Resources and Results Structure
N/A Not Applicable
NAI North American Initiative
NAPS National Aboriginal Policing Services
NCAOP National Capital Accommodation and Operations Plan
NCECC National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre
NCJI National Criminal Justice Index 
NCPC National Crime Prevention Centre
NDDB National DNA Data Bank
NGO Non-government Organization
NIBIN National Integrated Ballistics Identification Network
N-III National Inter-agency Integrated Information System
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NOC National Operations Centre
NPETs National Ports Enforcement Teams
NPS National Police Services
NPSWG New Partnership Security Working Group
NSOR National Sex Offender Registry
NSP National Security Policy
NWEST National Weapons Enforcement Support Team
OAG Office of the Auditor General
OAS Organization of American States
OC Organized Crime
OCIPEP Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness
OMB Operations Management Board
OPP Ontario Provincial Police
OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
PAA Program Activity Architecture
PCO Privy Council Office
PD Police Department
PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
PIP Police Information Portal
PIRS Police Information Retrieval System
PMO Prime Minister's Office
PoC Proceeds of Crime
PPA Preliminary Project Approval
PPS Protective Policing Services
PRAS Planning, Reporting and Accountability Structure
PROOF Priority Rating of Operational Files
PROS Police Reporting Occurrence System 
PSAB Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business
PSAT Public Security and Anti-terrorism
PSEA Public Service Employment Act
PSEPC Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
PSMA Public Service Modernization Act
PSTP Public Security Technical Program
PWGSC Public Works Government Services Canada
QA Quality Assurance
RBM Results-based Management
RCNO Royal Canadian Mounted Police
R&D Research and Development
RECOL Reporting Economic Crime Online
RM Regular Member
RPP Report on Plans and Priorities
RTID Real Time Identification
SAP Software Application Product
SCONSAD Senate Committee on National Security and Defence
SD Strategic Direction
SDS Sustainable Development Strategy
SEC Senior Executive Committee
SGC Solicitor General of Canada
SII Service Improvement Initiative
SIN Social Insurance Number
SMT Senior Management Team
SOA Security Offences Act
SOIRA Sex Offender Information Registration Act
SOG Standard Operating Guidelines
SPMD Seized Property Management Directorate
SPP Security and Prosperity Partnership
SPPB Strategic Policy and Planning Branch
TB Treasury Board
TBS Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
TC Transport Canada
TEAM Total Expenditure Asset Management
Tech Ops Technical Operations
TIP Trafficking in Persons/People
TO Technical Operations
TRA Threat and Risk Assessment
TVTS Travel and Visits Tracking System
UK United Kingdom
UN United Nations
UNAMSIL United Nations Mission to Sierre Leone
UNCIVPOL United Nations Civilian Police
UNOCI United Nations Operations in Cote d'Ivoire
UNODC United Nations Office of Drug Control
USINS US Immigration and Naturalization Service
VANOC Vancouver Olympic Planning Committee
VGT Virtual Global Taskforce
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
YCJA Youth Criminal Justice Act