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How do I get a job classified?

You’re a manager or an executive looking to staff a new position, define the functions of a job or reflect changes in the duties of a position. You’ve already identified your organization’s needs in your integrated plan. Now you’re preparing to meet them.

You’ve indicated the vacancy in the organization chart, but are uncomfortable with how the profile for the position fits. And you’re not sure what classification group and level would be fair and reasonable. So you need some professional advice.

Go to your human resources advisor

You’ll save time and avoid frustration by involving your human resources advisor throughout the entire classification process. Your advisor will be invaluable in helping you:

  • evaluate the job’s importance and impact on the organization and its mandate
  • write a clear work description and include all supporting documentation
  • organize the appointment process
  • ensure that employees’ rights are respected

You may wish to consider using a generic work description, either one developed within your organization or for the entire Public Service. Generic work descriptions for the CS and PE classifications are now available, and others are on their way. If this option does not work for you, perhaps an existing work description comes close to the duties of the position. Then again, you may need to start fresh (see How do I write a work description?). Above all, be realistic about what you and your advisor can do within the time you have.

Classification advisors

Classification advisers are accredited professionals who have a responsibility to evaluate jobs. Using a specific analytical method, they will assess your position on the basis of the functions assigned, the level of responsibility and the organizational context. The result is classification to a certain occupational group and level.

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