Calendrier du rpocessus de présentation du plan d'entreprise et du dépôt de sommaires (Exercice se terminant en mars)

The process timeline identifies the activities and responsibilities of both the Government and Crown Corporations when preparing Corporate Plan Submissions and the Tabling of Summaries for a March fiscal year-end.

The process starts in November with an 8 week period during which the Crown Corporation (CC) develops plans for the next 5 years and budgets are prepared for the next year. During this period, the CC consults with portfolio departments and TBS on content and proposals. The plans and budgets produced are approved by the Board of Directors the l ast two weeks of December. These are then received and reviewed, signed and recommended to TB by the responsible minister and submitted to submission control in the first two weeks of January.

Starting the last two weeks of January and running 8 weeks through to the end of the fiscal year - March 31, the CC must prepare summaries of the corporate plan and budgets - following GIC and TB approval - and submit these to the responsible minister for tabling. During this time TBS and central agencies review and challenge and Finance approves borrowings. TBS then recommends action to TB. TB considers submission and TB acting as CPB approves following which TBS issues decision letters.

Within the first 12 weeks (90 calendar days) of the fiscal year-end (April/May/June), the CC must prepare and submit its annual report concurrently to the responsible minister and the President of TB. During this time, the responsible minister must table summaries of the corporate plan and budgets in both the House of Commons and Senate within 30 sitting days of the TB/GIC approval of submission.

Finally, the responsible minister must table the annual report within 15 sitting days of its receipt. This typically occurs mid-June to mid-August.

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