Standard on the Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Setting of Reduction Targets

1. Preamble

2. Effective date

  • 2.1This standard takes effect on April 1, 2023.
  • 2.2Procurements commenced after the effective date are required to apply this standard.

3. Standard

  • 3.1This standard provides details on the requirements set out in subsections 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 of the Policy on Green Procurement.
  • 3.2

    Organizations described in section 3 of the Policy on Green Procurement must:

    • 3.2.1 Ensure that the process for procurements over $25 million, including taxes, induces suppliers to measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt a science-based target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement as part of participating in the Net-Zero Challenge or in an equivalent initiative or standard.

4. Reporting

  • 4.1

    Organizations described in section 3 of the Policy on Green Procurement must:

    • 4.1.1

      Submit to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, at the time of the annual call letter of the Greening Government Strategy:

      • The total volume of spending and number of contracts that have applied subsection 3.2.1; and
      • The percentage of contracts over $25 million, including taxes, for which subsection 3.2.1 applies.
  • 4.2The information submitted according to subsection 4.1.1 may also be used to meet other reporting obligations under the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.

5. Application

  • 5.1This standard applies to organizations described in section 3 of the Policy on Green Procurement.
  • 5.2

    This standard does not apply to:

    • 5.2.1Contractual arrangements;
    • 5.2.2Procurements using emergency contracting authorities; or
    • 5.2.3Procurements established through foreign military sales.
  • 5.3

    This standard does not apply if:

    • 5.3.1It is determined that it is not feasible or appropriate to apply subsection 3.2.1 in the procurement; and
    • 5.3.2

      The official responsible for subsection 3.2.1, as named by the deputy head, has approved a rationale justifying why subsection 3.2.1 was not applied in the procurement.

      • rationale should include evidence why subsection 3.2.1 could not be applied in a procurement, such as evidence that suppliers for a specific procurement are not able to comply.

6. Definitions

contractual arrangement (entente contractuelle)
A written arrangement to procure goods, services, or construction, for payment or other appropriate consideration, that is subject to Treasury Board contracting limits, and that is signed by a contracting authority and a representative of one or more government entities, countries or international organizations, or other public entities.

7. References

8. Enquiries

  • 8.1Direct enquiries about this standard to your organization’s headquarters. For interpretation of this standard, organizational headquarters should contact