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Figure 2 lays out the overall process (inside circle) and presents the specific steps included under each phase (outside circle). While 5 phases and 15 steps are presented in a sequential order, some can be undertaken concurrently. The centre of the circle is labelled “Service Standards”. The centre circle is surrounded by 5 phases: Phase 1: Establish service standard priorities; Phase 2: Plan and develop service standards; Phase 3: Implement service standards; Phase 4: Measure performance against service standards, Phase 5: Act on the results. The outer circle consists of 15 steps: 1: Take stock of existing initiative; 2: Connect to organizational priorities; 3: Develop service standards; 4: Assess monitoring capacity; 5: validate proposed service standards; 6: Determine the performance methodology and measurement framework; 7: Establish an implementation plan; 8: Determine if new systems or processes are necessary; 9: Train staff and service delivery partners; 10: Communication service standards; 11: Measure performance; 12: Evaluate findings and report to senior management; 13: Publish results for clients; 14: Determine course of action; 15: Implement required changes.

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