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Communications Policy of the Government of Canada: Procedures for Contracting Film, Video, and Multimedia Productions
Date modified: 2008-05-13

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The Communications Policy of the Government of Canada requires institutions to contract through PWGSC the production, distribution and evaluation of motion picture films, videotapes, television programs, interactive videodiscs, CD ROMs, audiovisual and multimedia productions (see Requirement 29).

Institutions must work with PWGSC to procure services in support of film, video and multimedia productions, regardless of format, use or intended audience. PWGSC provides mandatory procurement services for all film, video and multimedia production requirements, regardless of the value of the contract.

PWGSC ensures the integrity of the contracting process between institutions and private- or public-sector producers. It oversees contracting, quality control and storage services, while institutions handle all other aspects of project management.

Getting started

Government institutions seeking services to produce, distribute or evaluate a film, video or multimedia production must provide PWGSC with:

  • A description of how the project fits within the context of its overall communications plan.
  • An indication as to whether the institution wishes to limit the competitive process to Aboriginal businesses under the government's Set-aside Program for Aboriginal Business.
  • A comprehensive statement of work that includes, but is not limited to:
    • background information about the project (its purpose and audience)
    • a detailed description of the work to be done by the supplier
    • a detailed description of the institution's role in the project
    • a detailed description of any materials the institution will be providing to the supplier
    • a list of specific deliverables
    • a list of time or budgetary constraints
    • a proposed project schedule
    • a description of the institution's approval process
    • a description of how the final product is going to be used (to determine copyright issues)
    • proposed bid evaluation criteria
    • the name and contact information of the project manager
  • A description of the project's security requirements and whether the supplier needs to have security clearance to work on the project.

Procuring services

Once PWGSC has all the information and documentation it requires, it will present the institution with a proposed procurement process and schedule for review. Regardless of the process that is eventually followed, the outcome will constitute a contract between a supplier and PWGSC, acting on behalf of the client institution.

Managing the project

Once the contract has been awarded by PWGSC, the institution's project manager works with the supplier in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. The institution has the authority to review and approve all invoices associated with the project.

The project manager must inform the PWGSC contracting officer when and if any of the supplier's work fails to meet the specifications or schedule set out in the contract. PWGSC assists the client institution and the supplier in resolving situations that affect the contract or require its amendment.

On behalf of the Crown, PWGSC provides contract management services to the client institution and the supplier. These services include but are not limited to:

  • contract amendments
  • financial security issues
  • dispute resolution
  • contract termination
  • contract close-out
  • review of supplier performance.


For more information about contracting film, video and multimedia productions, please contact at PWGSC:

George Martin
Exhibits, Audio-Visual, Events and Communications Services Procurement

Phone: 613-990-6842
Fax: 613-991-5870

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