Guideline on Common Financial Management Business Process 3.3 - Manage Other Payments

Constitutes the model for Manage Other Payments, which involved common payment transactions not covered by Manage Interdepartmental Settlements (Business Process 2.2), Manage Procure to Payment (Business Process 3.3), Manage Travel (Business Process 3.2), Pay Administration (Business Process 5.1), and Manage Grants and Contributions (Business Process 6.1).
Date modified: 2010-05-30
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Long description for image: Figure 6. Verify Unencumbered Balance (Subprocess 3.3.3) – Level 3 Process Flow

The figure is a process flow diagram consisting of activities, connectors, inputs, outputs, gateways and decisions.

This diagram depicts the Level 3 process flow for Subprocess 3.3.3 – Verify Unencumbered Balance, which is launched by a connector from Subprocess 3.3.1– Determine Requirements or Subprocess 3.3.2 – Determine and Exercise Expenditure Initiation Authority or Subprocess 3.3.5 – Manage Payables. All scenarios trigger Activity – Determine Unencumbered Balance, which results in a decision labelled “Sufficient unencumbered balance?”

The YES flow for the decision labelled “Sufficient unencumbered balance?” advances to Activity – Provide Authorization, which is associated with the following note: “Once both Subprocess 3.3.3 – Verify Unencumbered Balance and Subprocess 3.3.4 – Manage Commitments are completed, authorization is provided pursuant to section 32 of the FAA. The flow continues to a connector for Subprocess 3.3.4 – Manage Commitments.”

The NO flow for the decision “Sufficient unencumbered balance?” leads to a subsequent decision titled “Legal payment category?” The YES flow for the decision “Legal payment category?” has a connector to Business Process 1.2 – Manage Forecasting and Budget Review.

The NO flow for the decision “Legal payment category?” leads to another decision, labelled “Obtain funding elsewhere?”

The YES flow for the decision “Obtain funding elsewhere?” leads to a connector for Business Process 1.2 – Manage Forecasting and Budget Review; the NO flow ends both the subprocess and the Manage Other Payments business process.

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